Sunday, April 3, 2016

Where I Haven't Been | #NaPoWriMo

For the next 30 days on my YouTube channel Loving the Language of Literacy, I will be posting an original poem of mine along with behind the scenes knowledge of my inspiration, the creative process, and any other lessons / tips & tricks I have to offer. 

This poem was prompted by a poem where someone who had never been out of England and pretty much remained in their small town all their life started listing all the things he hasn't experienced and places he hasn't gone but then writes about all the ones he has which are truly remarkable and irreplaceable in terms of the grand scheme of his existence.

I have not been among
the chosen ones, clad
in the colors and confidence
of those comfortable in climax,
I have sat next to a girl in Spanish class
and learned what it means to love.

I have not been a recipient of the most
recognized award on the east coast,
mispronounced name crackled and crunched
over the intercom as the few who care
to listen learn my worth, but I have
sat on a grassy hill, overlooking the formerly
strange city, writing a goodbye to the boy
who bought me ice cream at the Lan
and shared it there.

I have pedaled the Erie Canal on Christmas Day,
desperate to get away
from the fibrous shadows floating across
my consciousness like a tumbleweed,
passing every mile I have already run,
until my inbox tells me; I must return.

I have not been the one whose name
everyone greets as they shuffle down the hall,
who is tussled about tongues and tangled
itself in tension; but those in the english class before
me know I am the bane of Mrs. Eaton’s existence.

And I guess having my first kiss in the rain
and reading my poetry in a room full of strangers
proves I can be both vertices on a chevron plain.