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The Beauty Of The Internet | One Year Blogoversary Celebration (3)

The other day, my old-fashioned Taiwanese father asked me what I could possibly be doing that would require spending so much time on the computer/internet. I told him (again) that I had a blog and a YouTube Channel that needed my attending to it. He asked, "Why don't you just take a break while in this transition period of moving?" Then he proceeded on a miniature lecture in regards to cyber-bullying, video game obsession, and general addiction to the internet.

I NEED the internet!
As you can see, he is on the opposing side to the internet, World Wide Web (yes, he does still call it that) usage debate, especially when it comes to teenagers using and (in his opinion) abusing it. To sum up a long story, I lost the argument, because we are both stubborn people who are firmly set in our respective "internet versus no internet" ways. Because, "When I was a boy, I didn't have shoes." Yet, as everyone knows, times have changed.

I am here to state my argument on why internet is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread, and how it has helped me throughout my life, with reasonings ranging from plain laziness, to convenience, to coping.

Oh, Yes, You Are Internet
I've always been that girl that was somewhat.... different. I may not have aquarmarine hair and horns (I just finished reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone), but I do love writing, reading, and just plain sitting around to think about life. My interests are different from my friends, my way of approaching problems. Therefore, while my friends love and respect me for who I am. I put up with them discussing anime while they tune out my fangirling.

This is totally me!
Yet, as a person that would like to discuss her interests with the people around her -I say discuss because my desire to socialize with people is pretty minute- I always wanted to meet and talk to someone who was like me. Someone I could have stimulating conversation with about Joya de Arena, Ravka, and Adaralan. Someone I could swoon with over the hottest boys of Young Adult Fiction.

Be my friend?
The internet, has given me those people. I am able to communicate with people I never would have otherwise. People from Australia. People from England. People of different races, different ages, different backgrounds. Tall, short, white, black, all of the above. I have gained some invaluable friendships and common bonds between people who live on the other side of the country.

Most commonly, in the news, you will hear horror stories about cyber bullies that have invented different online identities and have done a lot of damage because of it. For my personal situation, it's the exact opposite. I act the way I act when I'm among my friends, and the way I act is different. At the end of the day, when I come home and log onto social media, or begin to compose a blog post, I become purely who I am. All of this word vomit and ramblings go on a direct journey from my brain to my fingers.

The internet is a glorious place, and I have carved out a little section of my own. Those twelve-hundred something twitter, three hundred Instagram, three hundred blog followers are something I can call my own. I have worked hard, whether its formulating my thoughts on the newest New York Times Bestseller, or adding a vintage filter and setting up the proper angles for a Bookstagram photo, or coming up with something witty in less than 140 characters.

Through blogging/vlogging, I have had some astounding opportunities. I own books that won't come out for the next four months. I am up to date on the biggest trends and franchises. I have learned self-discipline, prioritizing, and time management from a 100% self-imposed hobby. I have created a brand and a name for myself.

The beauty of it all is that ANYONE can do this, with basic computer skills/access and adequate knowledge of a language, someone who has never had a voice before.... now does. Even if one person reads your blog post and comments, you will know that you have effected someone in some small way. They took time out of their day, to read/watch the content you have worked so hard to produce. They may share it with their friends, or think about what you have said throughout their day. 

With this technology, human interaction is no longer limited to being face to face. And is something done over a computer screen really less meaningful than something done in person? If it's possibly to quote unquote "fall in love with" a celebrity that you have never met and willl most likely never have a real conversation with, why is it not considered as real of a connection with someone you have talked to, shared with, and confided in, and the only operative factor is the fact that this happened online.

Of course, life is not a box of choclates and there are PLENTY of safety precautions/issues with the internet, but if you use it in a safe, responsbile manner, it can be a wonderous thing that has forged bonds, connections, and relationships that would never have happened. People you may never have crossed roads with before are now small parts of your life.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these GIFs, nor do I claim to.

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