Review Policy

*Updated January 10, 2014

Hi! My name is Sofia Li and I'm honored that you want me to review your novel. I am currently OPEN to review requests.

*Until June 2015, I will not be accepting eBooks for review. I am sincerely sorry about this, but my other books (personal TBR, other review request, blog tour, Netgalley) have to take priority. To clarify, this means that I will only be accepting your review review requests if you are willing to send me a hard copy of your book for review*

Please keep in mind that accepting your book requires many hours of work on my part, especially because I do go very in-depth with your book, and pride myself in my reviews, trying to put in the maximum amount of effort and care into the review as possible

I am NOT Accepting
-Any self-published eBooks that don't fall under my favorite categories. I am sincerely sorry about this, but my TBR pile, blog tour books, and everything else is too large to be accepting eBooks that I am not sure to love. I love supporting Indie Authors, but I need to put my own bookish needs ahead of the possibility of a gem book.

-Any 'books' with less than 175 pages or 50,000 words

Genres I Read
Young Adult Non-Fiction (Although I am generally more hesitant)
-Memoirs of inspirational young people (Popular: Maya Van Wagenen)

YA Fiction
-Science Fiction
-Historical Fiction
-Paranormal (I am extremely picky about these ones)
-Fantasy (along with urban, although I am relatively more hesitant) 

NA Fiction
-Science Fiction
-Historical Fiction
-Paranormal (I am extremely picky about these ones)
-Fantasy (along with urban, although I am relatively more hesitant)

(4th grade and up) MG
-Science Fiction
-Historical Fiction (I am very picky about these, but my childhood was spent reading 'Dear America' novels so something in that ballpark)

My Favorite Genres
-Young Adult Contemporary Romance
-Young Adult Science Fiction
-Young Adult Fantasy
-Young Adult Mysteries
-Young Adult Historical Fiction

Genres I DO NOT Accept
-Children's (4th grade and under)
-Horror of any kind
-Any manga, graphic novels, or comic books
-Overly preachy Christian fiction (Christian values are fine)

Formats I Accept
-Physical copy (ARC, Hardcover, Paperback)
-Digital Copies (Mobi ONLY)
-I am also on Netgalley and Edelweiss, if you want to approve a request for me 

What You Should Include in your Review Request
*I would appreciate your email to cover all of the points stated below in your email. This helps speed up the review process for both you and I, and will make my reading of your book more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.

*Please DO NOT include quotes from others that have review your novel. As your Language Arts teacher used to say in argumentative writing,  "Nobody cares what you think,"....or at least, I don't care what others had to say. I am aware this sounds harsh, but I want to know from you why I would like your book, not why somebody else did

-Release Date
-Why I would like it (feel free to mention its like a past book I enjoyed)
-If there's a time frame you would like me to review it in
-What day of the week you would like me to review it on
-What review format you would like me to review it in (although the ultimate decision is mine to make)
-Websites you want the review posted on
-Any additional features you want in the post (interview, top ten, guest post, about the author, playlist)
-If you want to have a giveaway corresponding with my review

What Happens if I Accept Your Book?
Upon accepting your book for review, I will read and review it within one month of receiving your book if no deadline is specified. If I need to take longer, I will notify you when the two month deadline comes.

I’d like to know if you would to read the review before I post it or if you would like to be surprised. 

I also would like to know if you want the review posted or not on the off-chance that I did not enjoy your book.  

I will always include the book in a Stacking the Shelves post. 

My review (unless it is requested otherwise) will include everything in my sample review and rating.

If your book is an ARC, then I will try my best to read and review it within a month before or after it is released (as most publishers prefer).

I reserve the right to not post a review for your book if it's because I don't have the time, or (most commonly) don't have anything to say about it.

What Happens if I Didn't Enjoy Your Book?
If I have reviewed your book, I will send you a heads-up email explaining why I didn't like your book, as well as a rough draft of my negative review (2 stars and under) and you can determine if you want me to post it or not. I will always try to point out positive aspects, but a negative review is a negative review.

In some cases, if I didn't have time to read and/or review your book, or the desire to do so, I will not send you an email telling you. If you approach me, I will gladly explain why I did not review/read your book, but if not, you will not have any more correspondence with me.

I will NOT:
-Post promos and/or blitzes for books unless a review request/tour is attached to it
-Write paid reviews

I am OPEN to (from publishers/authors)
-Blog Tours
-Guest Posts
-Author Posts (Top Tens, Interviews, etc)

If I don't accept your book I will email you as soon as possible telling you why. The most common reason will be if your book doesn't fall under my review preferences or if it wasn't personal enough because I DO NOT appreciate mass emails.

FTC Disclaimer
I am not compensated whatsoever when a book is reviewed on Loving the Language of Literacy. I do accept books for blog tour, eGalleys, and Review Requests which does not in any way affect my 100% honest opinion of the book
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