Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Cynic Returns Home : A Poem | #NaPoWriMo Camp #NaNoWriMo

For the next 30 days on my YouTube channel Loving the Language of Literacy, I will be posting an original poem of mine along with behind the scenes knowledge of my inspiration, the creative process, and any other lessons / tips & tricks I have to offer. 

I wrote this poem not necessarily because this is the way I felt about the day but because it's the way people do feel when cynicism kicks in. It poses the question - is cynicism are requirement of making art? I most definitely think that it isn't, but it was fun playing with the topic.

The Cynic Returns Home

After a day of being with people
I go to the dark room,
hang up the happiness
I decided to try on today
- a free trial
some lady offered me
in a department store,
I dump the film
into the only substance
I’ve ever known
to yield a solution,
then - I wait
for the man scraping
his dentures in the train seat
behind me an d the pained expression
responds to the gaudy tie you purchased
at the thrift store next door
to show up in the background,
that’s why I don’t
like photos with extreme depth of field
because they fill in the blanks
we were supposed to paint
with independent thought,
and accidents don’t happen
when the somber shows the score
of who sold themselves out
for a bit of verification
that they told the truth,
they told me to never end a story
with “and then they wake up”
but guess what? not doing so
is what makes this a story
because we don’t get photos
mid laugh, mid cry, mid conversation
without posing for them

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