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1. 2. 3. 4. or 5 Ink Jars with my reasoning for them underneath.

Category Explanations:
Before You Read: My background, preconceptions, overall thoughts, etc

Plot /10: I hate when reviews parrot back the plot saying "So and so did this, and I thought this". This is mostly for general aspects of the plot and my feelings about the basic gist of the story.

Characters /10: Who I loved, who I hated, all of that fun jazz about them.

Romance /10: If there is something I have to point out about the romance, whether it's who I ship together, or my complaints, this is the category where I say it. 

Originality /10: One of the biggest things I hate is when books are unoriginal and cliche (something I see in a lot of paranormal romances). If a book receives a 10/10, that is a huge accomplishment.

Cover /10: A basic explanation of if I liked the cover or not, if I think it was suitable for the book, and my interpretation of it.

Title /10: The same thing as the cover, except with the added information of the my interpretation of the title's meaning, and whether it was a direct quote from the book.

Feels /10: When I sit at my desk at school and yell "The feels! The feels!" in the middle of class and try to cover it up as something other than me reading in the middle of a lesson. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Writing Style /10: My feelings about how the story was written, first, or third, and the tone of the writing.

Pacing /10: Only if I feel there were lapses in the writing style, for example if there were lots of great action sequences, but between them, there were boring passages.

Ending /10: Last thoughts about the ending, and the impact of it. Whether the ending changed my entire opinion of the book. If I felt satisfied, felt closure, or anything else.

Quotes /10: My number two aspect is if a book has gut-wrenching quotes. If a dystopian has one of the quotes that gives me the feels, you know this is a good book.

Re-Readability %: How likely am I to re-read it, and how easy would it be to re-read?

Continuation %: Pretty self-explanatory, if I will read the next books in the series

Conclusion: This is where I try my best (and fail) to sound like one of those book critiques on the back of books done by publishers or fellow authors

Rating System:
Stars & Numbers~
I give both a star rating, the one that goes on my Goodreads, and a number rating of out of 10. The reason? I feel the need to be specific and sometimes, so that's why I like both. A star rating will always be a whole number, while a number rating might include decimals. 
There are several different Review Formats I will write in for a review.
My classic, semi regular (is that even a phrase) review format includes some if not all of the possible categories above and rate each category out of 10. These tend to be the longest, most detailed reviews, covering pretty much every aspect of the book. AKA the review that will take forever to skim, let alone read.

A variation of my classic review is where I cover only a few of those 15 categories and do not rate each one. They are also called (you know, only by me) express reviews because they are guaranteed to be under 1,000 words, and if you know me, I can go on.... and on.... and on.... and on in reviews.

Pro/Con Reviews: I should hope this is pretty self explanatory, I mean.... if you're on this blog, it means you like books, and if you like books, I'm assuming you can use context clues. Anyway, I list the pros and cons of the book I am reviewing, it is as simple as that. These Pros and Cons might be as broad as the plot itself, or as detailed as the dresses a character wore.

Feels Review: You know when you read that one book and it makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside (even if it's about death) because of how much you NEED to tell the world about it? Well, I would suggest you use a feels review. These reviews can be everything from rants, to randomness, or just spreading book goodness to the world.

Quotes Review: This type of review is my personal favorite because it revolves around one of my favorite things.... quotes. I incorporate a lot of quotes into the review, basically sandwiching my thoughts in that review between those quotes. In those sandwiched thoughts, it will be about my interpretation/feeling towards the quote, or if the quote is on a general topic in the story.

Mini Reviews: These are also self explanatory, I review multiple books at once for whatever reason I had no desire to write a full length review -whether it's because I didn't like it, didn't have enough to say about, you bloggers know how it is.

Series Overviews: Also self-explanatory (I don't do fancy names), I tell you my overall opinion in regards to a series, which one was my favorite, etc.

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