Hi, if this is your first time, welcome to Loving the Language of Literacy. I'm a teenage book blogger and my name is Sofia Li (although I occasionally go by Sia). Feel free to contact me any of these ways, friend, or follow me. I'm a very warm (if not a little crazy/weird/exuberant) person, and would love to chat with you about all things bookish.

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Loving the Language of Literacy was launched on December 8, 2013. Truth be told, I had no idea what I was getting into when I found the world of book blogging. All I knew was that I had two reviews I wanted to post because someone on Goodreads told me they were good (although I cringe now to see how much they don't reach my standards now), and that I had been an avid reader since four years old, so why not give it a go? Loving the Language of Literacy focuses mostly on Young Adult Fiction, you will find giveaways, discussions, memes, reviews, original content and everything bookish 24/7. 

Across the internet I'm known as a "teenage bk blogger named Sofia that will hit you with the hardcover book I'm reading if u don't like books. JK although I did that 2 a friend once." the story of this bio is on the blog, and I dare you to find out which post.

Why am I reader?
I feel like the better question would be "What reason do I have NOT to be one?" I've been reading since I was four years old and most definitely haven't looked back since. Reading allows me escape the day-to-day tediousness of life, teach me lessons as well as give me perspective on love, growth, and life in general, and is one of the best things you could possible do for yourself.

When I was in first grade, I finished an entire Magic Tree House book in less than a day and was determined to gobble up as many words as I possibly could. In third grade, I made a goal for myself to read 100 books, and then surpassed it by the end of the year. While I still loved reading, it kind of went on the back burner until 2013 when I really got into Young Adult. That was when I made the insane goal for myself of reading 150 books in a year and I accomplished that.

Why am I a reviewer?
Well, the playground cred earned in 1st grade sort of rubbed off. My friends (although they're great) no longer thought books were cool (shame on them), and I was quite lonely in that aspect. I made a twitter account to follow authors mostly, a book blogger followed me, and so I thought, "Hey, that's kinda cool, I want to try." I get these bouts of the feels a lot, and feel the urge to share them with all you lovely people. So that's why. 

When I'm not reading....
-Pinning quotes on Pinterest
-Spending way too much time on twitter
-Workout out 3-6 days a week (running, swimming, cycling, weights), you don't get a six-pack by sitting around all day. Just kidding, I am FAR from a six-pack 
-Writing the great American novel (you know, the one that has been in progress for over a decade)
-Listening to music
-Watching beauty videos on YouTube (it is my guilty pleasure)
-Watching Netflix with my mom (White Collar is the best thing ever #NealCaffrey)

Random Writing Quirks:
-I have an unnatural passion for parenthesis and colons
-I'm very particular with word choice
-I have problems with praising books because I don't want to repeat adjectives
-I have a bad habit of rambling (just sometimes,because obviously this whole about me section isn't long enough)
-I thoroughly SUCK at sarcasm, so if you see anything that seems to be an attempt at humor, that's probably my poor use of sarcasm.
-I will always choose colons over dashes

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