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{Blog Tour+Giveaway+Excerpt} The Uni Files Series: Anna Bloom

Series: The Uni Files #1
Publication Date: September 25, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Page Count: 393

For Lilah McCannon, life has taken a bit of a wrong turn. Engaged to a guy she is not in love with and stuck in a job with her tyrannical father as her boss, life has definitely not turned out the way she expected.

At twenty-five years old, Lilah knows that she has a simple choice: live the life she has created or change it.

Enrolling on a course at the local University, Lilah sets out with some clear rules to ensure her success at being a grown-up. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no boys, and no going home.  But the last thing she anticipates is meeting Ben Chambers, the lead singer of a local band. With Ben, it’s instant, it’s hot, and it’s deep, but when Ben is offered the opportunity of a lifetime and it looks like his future lies on a different path to hers, Lilah has some heart-rending decisions to make.

With the academic year slipping by too quickly, Lilah faces a barrage of new challenges. Will she ever make it up the library stairs without having a heart attack? Can she handle a day on campus without drinking vodka? Will she ever manage to read a history book without falling asleep? Most of all, will she be able to make the ultimate sacrifice and learn The Art of Letting Go?

Series: The Uni Files #2
Publication Date: April 9, 2014
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Page Count: 450

Lilah and Ben. They are meant to be a thing.

Well they were. The best thing ever. That was until Lilah decided to teach herself a lesson, and let go of Ben as she learnt The Art of Letting Go.

Now it’s a new academic year, and Lilah has it all to play for and it all too lose as she battles scary lecturers, evil PR girls and her own inability to make the right decision at the right time.

Life has moved on for Lilah and her friends, and life off campus is more complicated than any of them would have guessed.  As the reality of being second year students sets in and the study starts to build up, cracks begin to appear in the very fabric of their friendships. There is a chance that none of them are going to complete Year Two in one piece.

Facing down her worst enemy: herself. Lilah has to try and change her own past mistakes when she realises that the only way she is going to get the future she wants is if she manages to learn The Art of Keeping Faith in herself.

The Art of Keeping Faith is the second year in The Uni File Series and continues Lilah McCannon’s diary as she searches for love, tries to find and earn trust, and ultimately discovers who she is really meant to be.

Sometimes the only way to meet your future is to face your past.

Anna Bloom is a contemporary romance writer who writes about life as it happens. Combining a busy schedule of looking after two small children whilst working in a local school and completing The Uni Files series. Anna’s main aim in life is to create the perfect book which makes a reader laugh and cry at the same time, hopefully causing a convulsive (impossible to ignore) donkey noise. It’s a work in progress!  Anna also spends a lot of time imagining kissing hot guys – all in the name of her art.

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 The Fez Club

I am a bit tipsy. Oh okay I am very tipsy. Again. 
My excuse is that the drinks are cheap: a pound a shot! 
My kind of bar.
An hour after arriving Ben has disappeared off somewhere with his band mates and Meredith and Tristan are in a booth, whispering. When Tristan turns up I glare at him. How bloody annoying can he be? Surely he must have something better to do.
This leaves me putting it about the dance floor with some strange guy who keeps trying to ruin my solo dance by gyrating in behind me, placing his hands on my hips and attempting to pull me back into his groin. 
I am ducking away, when I see Ben over on the other side of the dance floor. He is surrounded by girls, who all appear to be in a state of undress. He gives me a wink when I catch his eye. I want to pull a finger at him for standing there surrounded by skinny, nearly naked teenage girls, but I manage to maintain some restraint.
I move myself away from the greaseball with the wandering hands and circle myself further into the dance floor blocking the view of Ben and his hoard of fans. 
The next thing I feel are some hands circling around my waist again. I turn around fast, ready to punch the guy with sticky fingers. Instead, I find Ben right there, standing as close as he can. My mouth flaps open like a fish, not that I would have anything to say even if he could hear me over the pounding music. 
He keeps himself close as he starts to dance with me. It is absolutely electric! My entire body feels like it is going to combust. As a general rule the sight of men dancing always makes me laugh. I can’t help it. There is always a serious amount of "dad-dancing" no matter how hard they try.
But Ben does not have this problem. He fits around me like a jigsaw piece, mouth close to my ear. For a split second I think he is talking to me but then with a shock I realise he is kissing along my jaw and ear lobe. My knees started to shake a little, which is a trifle embarrassing. Laughing against my ear he tightens his arms around me and pulls me away and into a dark corner booth.

The Booth of Truth

Ben slides into the booth, pulling me in beside him, his arm still tight around my waist.
There are a million questions chasing around in my mind but I don’t ask any of them. I just kiss him instead. Fervently. And then I kiss him some more. 
I am on fire, literally, as he trails his lips along my naked shoulder his hands brazenly sliding around my back, his fingertips grazing under the hem of my top as he pulls me in.
I should stop, but I don’t. I can’t. I just move closer and closer to him. 
Hot. Hot. Hot.
How hot can one boy be? It’s wrong on so many levels but right in the moment I don’t care. I don’t care about anything I just allow myself to slide deeper under and melt into him.
And then… I give myself a mental bitch-slap and pull away, but not out of arm’s length.
“I can’t do this,” I confess with a sigh that may be a little breathless.
The question sounds less concerned or frustrated than I am expecting. 
“Because I just can’t. It’s complicated.” 
His lips do not stop their path up my shoulder and neck. 
“Complicated,” he mummers. “It sounds serious.” 
“I am with someone else.” 
There it is: the big fuck-off bombshell in the proceedings.
He pulls back and looks at me. I cannot read his normally bright eyes. It’s too dark, and his eyelashes obscure any reflection. 
I am about to apologise or something, I feel I should, when to my complete and utter surprise, he leans back in and kisses me again firmly, lips opening my own. He is pretty hard to resist, so I don’t bother. 
Some point later he whispers against my ear, breathing warm air along my throat.
“I am going to set myself the challenge to make you mine.” 
I throw my head back and laugh in response.
“Oh, really?”
“Yes. I like this. It’s something I think I can get used to.” 
His lips are still trailing their maddening pattern. 
“You sound very confident, Mr Chambers.”
“I am.” 
I slide out of the booth and grab his hand to pull him back onto the dance floor where we melt into the crowd, our bodies still pressed together tight, which is where we stay until two this morning, when the bouncers finally empty us off the dance floor. 

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