Monday, February 2, 2015

January 2015 Wrap-Up

Image From This Month aka. I have a LOT of reading to do:
Boxing Day Book Outlet Haul!
What did I read in January?
I read more books this month than January AND February of 2014 combined! 16 novels, 1 novella, and 2 graphic novels were devoured this month and if you would like to know more about each one, check out my Wrap-Up video! 

What Fun/Noteworthy Things Happened?

1. Writing Class | One of the biggest and probably best (in terms of an ongoing thing) events from this month and the next two will probably be writing class. At my local YMCA I am part of the Young Author's Academy. I've even been doing video recaps about what I've learned and written for that week. The very first of 9 episodes is Find a Place of My Own | A Progression in Playwriting. I have been having an astounding time making new friends and discovering the world of playwriting and it's so comforting to come to a place every week where people IRL are actually into the same things I am.

2. First Physical Publisher ARC | I expressed my overwhelming joy and appreciation earlier this month when I received my first publisher ARCs which were Mark of the Thief (Jennifer A. Nielsen) and All Fall Down (Ally Carter). I felt so giddy seeing the standard media mail package from Scholastic and am extremely appreciative.

3. New Lights | I finally got new, more intense lights in my room, but I still need to work A LOT on the perfect combination of intensity because they're adjustable. I have yellow undertones (or as I like to claim orange) in my skin that make me resemble a carrot with the wrong  lighting. Hopefully, I'll have this issue fixed by next month but I am absolutely in love with the intensity of them.

4. Started Exercising Again | While I have not succeeded with the rigorous workout regimen I claimed to in the beginning of the year, I did get a solid start with going to the gym again. February is an important training month because track & field starts in March. Call me ridiculous, but I'm planning on participating in the (I believe) 1500/800 meter even though I have never sprinted before. I'll have to get back to you on that how well this works out.

5. Content Editing Research Project | My entire grade is in the intense throes of a research project on future careers. We choose a career, then figure out what extracurriculars/goals for high school, the most ideal college, and then what the actual career entails. My school does this to help us figure out if we actually want to do it depending on the work it entails.

What music was I obsessed with this?
Jet Pack Blues - Fall Out Boy ~ American Beauty/American Psycho | I only recently discovered what "type" of song I like in terms of lyrically and instrumentally, and THIS is the kind of song I like. I was obsessed with Fall Out Boy's new album this entire month which was unusual considering the fact that I only liked one of their songs before. Sometimes they're a bit too rock/shouting, but this new album was a perfect blend that successfully got me pumped before filming most of the time.

5:15 - Bridgit Mendler ~ Hello My Name Is... | This is the "type" of song I was talking about and has a really nice rhythm that I can easily listen to on repeat. This was a total rediscovery because I'd listened to Bridgit when this album first came out YEARS ago and wasn't that into it, but I gave all of her songs a good listen-through and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Into the Woods | I listened to this album constantly on repeat since it came out. I watched Into the Woods opening day and actually didn't enjoy it for what it was fully. Then I listened to the soundtrack and gradually fell in love with the story. Some of my favorites are (of course) the Prologue, Cinderella at the Grave, Hello, Little Girl, Giants in the Sky, On the Steps of the Palace, and Last Midnight.

What was were my favorites books?
While I did have 19 books to choose from, I was unsure of what I could consider my "favorites" because I only had 2 ACTUAL 5 stars and three 4.5 star books. So I threw together a little pyramid. There was no competition with Ready Player One, and The Start of Me and You was definitely second best. I have no idea how to rank these books after that because of how different they are and the subject matter each book deals with. There was a rougher contemporary dealing with slut shaming, a Middle Grade adventure, and a cutesy contemp.

What was my favorite bookish quote?
The events of your life are all crammed together one minute right after the other without any time lapses or blank pages or chapter breaks because no matter what happens life just keeps going and moving forward and words keep flowing and truths keep spewing whether you like it or not and life never lets you pause and just catch your breath.” --- Hopeless: Colleen Hoover

What were my most popular posts/videos?

How are you celebrating the month of love?
I am single (is this really a surprise?) and will be staring people down from the corner this entire month. Surprisingly, my TBR has a bunch of New Adult and Cutesy Contemporaries. On the actual Valentines DAY, I will probably be curled up with a Morgan Matson novel. Fun Times :)

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