Thursday, December 18, 2014

How To Decrease Laziness, Cure World Hunger, Increase Productivity, And Find the Key To World Peace

While I did lie about curing world hunger and finding world peace, this post is giving you my take on how to be productive and use your time wisely, because we all know that we like to get caught up with all of the YouTube videos and Tumblr when we should be doing things like drafting blog posts, cooking, and taking care of kids. The point is that humans are naturally lazy people, and, if given the option, getting caught up on the internet is always the better option than getting real work done.

Let me tell you something I've learned | Making detailed lists of things you want to do with the oh so inconvenient time frames will NEVER work: I used to think it was possible to map out a person's day to the very second. I hate to break it to you sweetheart, but you will never obey this out of tasks taking longer than you assume they should and pure life getting in the way. You will always allot the quickest, most wishful thinking time that will be impossible to accomplish various tasks in.

Instead, what I have learned to do is....
Utilize Laziness.

I know what you're thinking. What the hell does that mean? Laziness is laziness. I can't utilize it! I'm here to tell you that you can. Personally, I'm a mood lifer, to the highest extent possible, I do what I want when I want. (Not in the bratty toddler way, more of the "I'll stay in my pajamas all day if it pleases me" way) My mood in what I want to do swings the same way my taste in books does.

These are four possible moods I usually have and solutions on how to turn that laziness into productivity.

Mood #1 | I don't want to do this specific thing on my to-do list:

If I'm just not feeling a blog post and want to ditch it for editing a video.... I'll ditch it for the video. The desire to leave your current project for another one does not constitute a heart attack. The world won't end if you temporarily put something down for another more desirable thing. Because, let me put this into perspective.

Once you finish the other item you want to accomplish and come back to the original one.... you will feel like you have been so much more productive to have a complete task done and a good chunk of another in the same time it would have taken you to struggle through one.

Unless something you're doing is time-sensitive (or even if it is and you just want to throw caution to the wind"), PUT IT ASIDE because when you come back.... you will feel refreshed after having had a step back from the situation, and you might event have some newfound inspiration.

Mood #2 | You are NOT getting my butt off this couch! I will stay here and scroll through tumblr for eternity:

If the root of your laziness comes from the reluctance to move (don't tell me I'm the ONLY person with this issue) and you have your electronic device, I would say.... use it! Don't scroll tumblr forever or get caught up watching cat videos on YouTube. Use your phone to schedule a few tweets for a post you want to market. Interact with some people on Twitter, network, and see if you can make some friends. Write your to-do list. Outline a future video. Whatever it is you have to/should do, just get it done. Even without filming equipment or a camera at hand (my excuse during Thanksgiving Break), you can utilize your phone for something other than the latest Buzzfeed poll.

And if you're watching TV to pass time (and not because you will die of exhaustion without seeing the latest episode of Nashville), just get your book out instead! I'm not even going to begin to explain the reasons why you should read (maybe because it's a future post?), but you should. You will regret your time being sucked up by the Kardashians, and will not lose brain cells by reading your latest review book. So, win, win!

Mood #3 | I don't want to do anything but curl up in bed and watch Netflix 5ever:

I know I said this post was about decreasing laziness, but there are times when you should give in to your inner couch bum. Listen to your body and to yourself, if you can justify (not scramble for excuses) watching TV because of how much work you have done, WATCH TV. It's that simple. I have learned from hiatuses, both forced and otherwise, that they can do you good and be extremely regenerating, re-energizing, and re-inspiring. Time away from your hobby (even if you love it) can be good because you will miss it and what you're doing in that other time (if it's somewhat productive) might provide new voice and juice to your post writing/video filming.

Mood #4 | *devil on shoulder* Sofia, you don't have a computer or pressure from school, you don't have to blog:

There are times when you legitimately can't accomplish something, and times when you are just making excuses. This particular mood is the excuses one. Even if it's partially valid, you can always work around it and find SOME way to be productive whether it's relevant to the goal (such as marketing your latest blog posts) or another item on your to-do list (such as clean the house).

The point of this post is me saying - You are perfectly capable of greatness.... even if there appears to be obstacles.

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