Monday, December 29, 2014

What Has Book Blogging Taught Me? | One Year Blogoversary Celebration (8)

Do you tend to feel like this? I hate to break it to you, but time management is a trial-and-error situation
Time Management  
The most useful skill v/blogging has taught me is time management. I am a working girl (not of the paid variety) with school, homework, cross country, afterschool clubs, blogging, vlogging, writing, social media-ing, and just plain being a teenager. There will always be decisions I have to make in order to get everything I want to do. 

Do I watch the latest episode of Nashville or write my monthly wrap-up? 

Do I play an extra 10 levels of FLow Free or film my December Book Haul? 

These first world problems are ones I am faced with that constantly barrage me and force me to make decisions on what I should do when in order to get EVERYTHING (or at least a fraction, because we all know that my to-do list is waaay too long to accomplish in a lifetime, let alone a day) done so at the end of the day, I feel accomplished. There has been many a day where I have wasted my time being unproductive, which leaves me doing my homework up until the time I have to go to bed, and then when I climb into bed that night, I feel unnacomplished with the blog/BookTube channel items on my to-do list.

Time Management and Prioritizing are so linked and intertwined, they should be synonymous. There are times when you are so overwhelmed with so many things to do, you HAVE to place your butt on that chair and draw up your priorities. Now this is different from a to-do list because priorities make you realize and order what you want to do, so that you can then draw up your to-do list. 

What I do now is on the handy-dandy reminders app included on all apple devices, I put the "Priority Exclamation Marls (!!!)" next to each item on my list. That way, if I get at least a few of my high priority tasks done, I feel accomplished and even more so if some of the lower priority ones get done. There has been many a time where I get home from school, don't want to do my homework, and end up procrastinating my time away doing things like watching YouTube for hours on end (we all know you've done it, don't deny it). The thing I like to do is procrastinate WELL. Instead of spending that procrastination time before I do my homework on Tumblr, I'll spend it filming or editing or composing. That way, when I finally buckle down to do my homework, I will have at least done some productive things beforehand

For more information on how to utilize laziness, and find the cure to world hunger, click here.

Be Social!
The common belief is that if you have time to blog/vlog, making time for people on the internet, you are an introvert. This can and cannot be a misconception. Yet, for those of you who feel afraid to socialize online because you're afraid to do so in real life. I'm here to tell you that it isn't true.

On the internet, what's the worst that can happen if you leave a comment on someone's post? You don't get a response back? Don't be afraid to reply to one of your favorite (seemingly unapproachable) bloggers, YouTubers, and even the person you have just followed, not knowing anything about them. The worst outcome is that nothing comes from your reaching out, and the best is that you wind up with a new friend.

Even if you're not in it to make the big bucks or score the greatest ARCs.... networking is awesome. People will remember your being nice to them and if you develop a good friendship with them, all the better. I have a core group of three twitter friends who I come to for conversations that go BEYOND just bookish topics, and my biggest 2015 goal is to put myself out there, be more sociable, and make more friends.

Breaks = Awesomeness :)

Look! A gorilla is telling you to do it
Throughout all of the turmoil and experience with the human condition, I have had to take many hiatuses, both forced and unforced. What you really need to know is that taking a hiatus to regain blogging mojo is a lot better alternative to putting up several half-ass blog posts for the internet to see. You will have to step away for blogging if school/work gets too stressful or just to take care of yourself. What you have to remember (and what I must continuously remind myself) is that v/blogging is a hobby. It is NOT an obligation. This isn't your job, you don't get paid (unless you do, which I commend you for).

Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy (I Bet That's The First Time You've Heard That)

As much as you would love to believe that you are the most wonderful person ever who never gets jealous.... There comes a time during blogging when you start to envy others in the blogosphere. Don't worry! This is 100% usual and expected, it's perfectly normal. My first pang of this was in my third month of blogging when I observed a fellow blogger/friend who seemed to be so much more successful than I. As a blogger, this jealousy can come in multiple ways, from better, more original posts, to more followers, to highly anticipated ARCs.

The worst part of all of this is that there is no solution. There is no magical cure you can take to make all of these green monsters inside of your usually saint-like head go away. What you have to do is turn that inevitable jealousy into motivation. Ask yourself the tough question of, "WHY?" Why does this blogger have more/better [insert jealousy topic here] than I do? After you determine this, all you have to do is create a plan for achieving the same (or better) status than the person you are jealous of.

The number one thing NOT to do is go onto one of the various social medias and complain about your lack of followers, because that is sure to get you UNfollowers (no one likes a crybaby). On top of this, you also shouldn't feel discouraged or like your blog is any less important or worth less because of follower count.

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