Friday, January 2, 2015

Ordinary | Frames of Existence (1)

Welcome to a new series on Loving the Language of Literacy known (for now) as Frames of Existence. In my 2015 BookTubing & Blogging Resolutions I mentioned how I never stuck to series in 2014, but I intend do my best for 2015. Here we are... the second day of January and I have a new series. This is one I am extremely excited about because it combines two of my favorite things of all time. 
Writing and Photography. 

I recently discovered my passion for Photography in Art class in the beginning of December and have been snapping pictures like a maniac ever since. The idea of this series is that I will post 3-10 (this number will obviously fluctuate) photos and write less than 250 words per photo. It may be the beginning of a scene, it may be a description, or whatever randomness my brain conjures. Who knows? I might even develop a brilliant idea I never would have thought of otherwise and it will be a good writing exercise for myself. I HOPE to post around every two weeks, but it all depends on how many photo-worthy objects I come across.

It sits alone,
At the edge of the room,
Watching, Silently,
Waiting, for the moment you slip up,
They think it’s the government,
You should be afraid of,
But those security cameras,
Don’t know,
I see you,
Constantly, Every day,
I’m always watching,
Facts, Data, Graphs, Trends,
Is all they know,
Affairs, Personalities, Gossip,
Background, Context, Intention and Perception,
So the next time you think no one sees,
Know that I see all.

She creeped into the room, knowing that to be caught would mean a public execution of her best friend that she would be forced to watch. For how on earth could the Warden lay a single finger on the only heir left.... even if she was only a sniveling, mute who would only be used as a marionette.  This room was filled with more riches than the royal treasury and valued more by scholars than warlords. A classroom. She had learned how to read and write by the light of the hearth, but this room had a multitude of knowledge... from why the world was spherical to the pythagorean theorem. However, away from the main attractions, there was a notebook at the edge of the room, covered with dust and carnage. It lay face open, with a question that would shatter her universe.

A single ballet slipper sat, basking in the spotlight of a so obviously set-up shot. Yet, she didn't care. She came running towards it, falling to the ground once she reached it. This was a moment too precious for tears, too sacred for words. It was a reunion. Although in her mid-forties and in the authoritative position, she couldn't help but revel in its simple beauty. All of her dreams... encapsulated in a trick of the light and simple prop placement. The student, who had called her over to examine his work, stood to the side, taken aback with his head-mistress' reaction. What had started off as a simple set-up to make the grade turned into a gun and its display a trigger.

In all its beauty; It seemed to mock her. 

And there you have it, the first ever episode of Frames of Existence! I hope you enjoyed it and had a fun time reading the little snippets of story I literally JUST wrote. Tell me in the comments below if you would like this series to continue :)

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