Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My All Time Favorite Books From The Past 3 Years | Top Ten Tuesday (17)

I honestly don't know why I wanted to do this particular Top Ten Tuesday because there are SO MANY BOOKS to choose from. However, I'm taking the challenge to narrow down my all-time favorites from around 250 books *grins sheepishly like she can actually accomplish this* This list is in order of when I read it and not in order of what was my favorite because it was already hard enough to make me narrow these down!

January 2013 | Do I even need to explain this book? This is what started my internet presence surrounding books - the fan fiction writing, the obsessive tweeting, the first twitter BFFs would never have happened without Legend. Marie Lu was my first Young Adult author book signing and one that I will remember forever. This still remains as my favorite YA book of ALL time that isn't the Hunger Games and I think it will always be there.

August 2013 | This book will always have a special place in my heart because of WHY I read it. One of my friends had been depressed and this book really helped her connect with a character who felt the same way. I didn't necessarily understand what this friend of mine was going through, but this book helped me understand and opened up a doorway to a whole new genre and perspective in Young Adult literature.

November 2013 | This was a completely unexpected read with one of the bizarre premises Matthew Quick is famous for. My arch-nemesis (in terms of book reading) Nathan was reading it and recommended it to me. I absolutely adored it and wrote my very first (non-coherent) rambling review which I felt SO proud of at the time. 

January 2014 | I had heard a countless amount of good things about this novel and HAD to pick it up. To nobody's surprise, this ended up being one of my favorite books of 2014 and is an amazing novel. I related to and loved Elise Dembowski throughout the novel and loved the way Sales weaved in all of the musical aspects.

May 2014 | This is a contemporary romance about a lesbian girl who transitioned from being a boy written by a freshman in high school. End of story. Not really, it was gorgeously written, which inspired me to create the Quote Review and it is a completely unique novel I believe everyone should  to expose them to diversity that can most definitely be present in Young Adult literature. 

June 2014 | I read this book as an ARC before it came out and it completely BLEW ME AWAY. This is Zhang's debut novel she wrote during her Junior year of high school (I believe) and it weaves together so many different characters and their perspective while they still informing us as readers about this one character and it was incredibly thought provoking. 

July 2014 | I read this during a difficult and very memorable time in my life. This is the kind of book you should read when you just want to escape and really put your life into perspective with. I listened to Madilyn Bailey the ENTIRE time while reading this during one sitting and I would highly recommend it. I would highly recommend it as well out of all the free-verse books I have ever read.

September 2014 | This book basically DOMINATED everyone's top 14 book of 2014 because of how incredible it is. Sarah J. Maas is a complete goddess when it comes to writing fantasy and this book was just mind-blowing. Celaena's character development was astounding to watch and this book was beautifully crafted. 

January 2015 | This was a more recent read but not any less important. It was one of my first ventures in the adult section and an extremely hyped-up novel by pretty much EVERYONE that has ever read it. I understood the book even though I don't know anything about '80s pop culture or video games and I still think about it, weeks after finishing.

January 2015 | This novel got me through the worst airport layover (that eventually got cancelled) and I was able to completely lose myself in this wonderful contemporary romance. It was fluffy, it was fun, it was relatable, it was romantic, it was adorable and just ALL OF THE ADJECTIVES to describe the perfection known as Emery Lord. 

February 2015 | Where do I even begin with this book? Actually, there's an 18 minute BookTalk on the Loving the Language of Literacy YouTube channel for your viewing enjoyment if you have read/loved this book and want to sit through all my fangirl rambles. This was a mind-blowing contemporary told in dual perspectives and a heart-wrenching journey of self-discovery and love you should boost to the top of your TBR. 

What are some of your all-time favorite books from the past three years?

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