Friday, March 6, 2015

February 2015 Wrap-Up

Image From This Month

 I finally posted the highly-requested, highly-anticipated video!  I worked really hard on it and I believe it's the best one I have ever made. 
What did I read this month?

What Fun/Noteworthy Things Happened?
1. Visited My Homeland | Nope, not China. Over February Break, I visited Southern California and may I say... 70 degrees now feels like a thousand. I had so much fun visiting my dad. We played tennis, swam, and I resumed my reckless golf cart driving - per usual. While I was there, I also took a TON of pictures. There are so many Frames of Existence that need to be written based off of all the fantastical pictures of places where there isn't snow on the ground.   

2. Started Writing Again | If you didn't know, I won NaNoWriMo last November, but I've pretty much abandoned *coughs* I mean, put on pause the novel I had been writing. February wasn't so much novel writing as it was poetry drafting. I've rediscovered my love for poetry and have written quite a few poems about love and life in general. Hopefully, I'll have some to share with you on Loving the Language of Literacy in the upcoming months.

3. Wrapped-Up Content Editing Research Project | I mentioned this project in my January 2015 Wrap-Up and I while it was so much fun, I am extremely relieved that it is finished. I learned a lot about a college I want to look into when it comes time to apply, what I can do now at my current age, and (obviously) the ins and outs of being a content editor. I'm hoping to do a 2-3 video/blog post mini-series on it, mostly so I can embarrass myself on the internet with a one minute sketch-type video I made.

4. Got Into a Massive Reading/Blogging/BookTubing Slump | I wrote this lovely post My Conclusion About Slumps around the middle of February and while I am not 100% over it, I am well on the mend. The urge to read/blog/make videos wasn't as strong as it had been previously, but prepare to be blasted full-force with more original content on both my blog and YouTube channel.

5. Got a Life! | I mentioned this in my February 2015 Reading Wrap-Up, but one of the biggest things that happened this month was the fact that I got a boyfriend. I know how surprised you are that introverted Sofia who spends the majority of her time on the internet actually got a boyfriend, trust me, most of my friends/family were too. I had such a great February because of him as well as the way life has been going for me and how happy I am since the move.

What music was I obsessed with?

What was my favorite book?
I have raved on twitter about ALL OF THE GOOD THINGS pertaining to All the Bright Places. It was a 5/5 star read that blew all the other books I read this month out of the water. I have an 18 minute long BookTalk where I go on (and on and on) about my thoughts towards individual plot points/aspects of the novel if you have read the book and want to know my thoughts. 
What was my favorite quote?
Oh look, a quote from the ever-so-lyrical, gorgeously written All the Bright Places. What a surprise! If I had enough room, I would just quote the whole darn book, but since I can't.... here's a photo I took while I was in California with just one of my many favorites. 

Are we all BEGGING spring to arrive?
It's not that this is the best quote of all time, but the fact that it didn't get above freezing the ENTIRE month of February in Upstate New York and I'm yearning for spring to arrive.... even though there is still around a month and a half more of winter so say the locals. 

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