Monday, June 1, 2015

May 2015 Wrap-Up


1. Mountain Goat 10 Mile | The Mountain Goat is a rite of passage in Syracuse and I am absolutely ecstatic to have completed the race within my first year of moving. It is hands down, the best (and most hilly) race I have ever accomplished and I had the utter joy of my boyfriend and his family running it as well. We had a really fun after-party and it the already amazing experience was so much more enjoyable with them. 

2. Mother's Day 2015 | This was my very first Mother's Day spent without my mom who passed away due to esophageal cancer in July of 2014. Nevertheless, my best friend (who I'm living with) and I pulled together what we considered a really nice Mother's Day celebration for her mom. I've known her family as long as my own and have spent many a weekend sleeping over at her house and traveling all around the world with her.

3. 1500 & 800 Champion | My first season of Track and Field officially ended on the 30th of May and it was my very first time participating in a team sport, something that was such a beneficial experience for me as a runner as well as person. Running has always been something solitary for me, but the benefit of a team is that no matter how badly you place, people always support and congratulate you. Personally, I wasn't that happy with my times for both events (I am so much more of a 10 mile than half a mile runner), but it didn't matter because I had so much fun doing it. At a moment in the season when I was feeling particularly discouraged, I vowed I would never do Track again, but as of the very last meet, that vow is revoked because I sincerely want to participate again.  

4. My Boyfriend's Birthday | Sadly, I was away for my boyfriend's actual birthday/celebration, but that didn't mean that I let him get another year older without a collage, poem, and cheesy list of 100 reasons why I love him. We ended up just having a really chill private celebration with Yogurtland and watching movies in his basement. 

5. A Weekend in Central California | I had been dreading my weekend in Calfornia for weeks now because I didn't want to be away from home for so long, but I ended up having a fantastic time. We visited family and friends while in San Francisco/Sacramento which was really fun. I got to reconnect with an old friend as well as make some new ones and generally had such a fun weekend at his Bar Mitzvah, exploring old town Sacramento, and the best garlic/parmesan cheese fries ever.


I saw Avengers | Age of Ultron both on opening day and again with my family. I'm usually not too partial towards the Marvel/DC franchises, but this movie was quite a pleasant surprise. It was engaging, if not mentally stimulating, action-packed, and the dialogue was a lot better as well as more humorous than I had expected it to be. While I'm not the Avenger's biggest fan, I am definitely looking forward to the next one and would give the movie - for what it is, genre-wise - 4/5 stars.

You pretty much cannot escape a monthly wrap-up without some mention of Nashville. Twenty-two episodes later and season three is complete. I think my favorite would have to be season two because there was a lot going on plot/character arc wise in season three and there were some weak episodes. Nevertheless, it was another great season and remains as my favorite running TV show ever, and it has been renewed for a 4th season.... so more Sofia rambling about her love come October. The drama continues to escalate, the romance is just as steamy, and the music steals the show.

I binge watched all 13 half hour episodes with my family in less than a week and it is most definitely one of my favorite TV shows of all time. UKS was actually written and produced by Tina Fey, so  it was obviously destined to be a hit with its quirky characters and twisted humor. I have one word for this show - 1. ADDICTIVE: This show will hook you in its clutches and not let you go until you have binged the hell out of it.

I had been hearing about Pitch Perfect for years now and at one point could even do the cup song flawlessly (which involved way too much free time in camp), but I had never felt the desire to watch the movie. That all changed when my boyfriend offered to take me on a date to see Pitch Perfect 2. Obviously, I had to see the first movie and I ended up LOVING it. Pitch Perfect 2 was an extremely solid, humor-filled sequel.

The actual show doesn't premiere until the 2nd of June, but the pilot was available for viewing before it aired and I absolutely loved it. The show is about a young woman named Kirsten who has a rare psychological condition and is recruited to join a secret government agency where her consciousness allows her access to the memories of the dead.



What are your summer plans?

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