Sunday, April 10, 2016

Broken Hearts & Broken Art : A Poem | #NaPoWriMo Camp #NaNoWriMo

For the next 30 days on my YouTube channel Loving the Language of Literacy, I will be posting an original poem of mine along with behind the scenes knowledge of my inspiration, the creative process, and any other lessons / tips & tricks I have to offer. 

This is a poem I actually wrote and didn't particularly like but when I made the video, I somehow fell in love with it for the first time. This is the first real reflection of transition into a more slam poetry style and I really like this phase. 

Broken Hearts & Broken Art

My poetry and my heart are never broken at the same time
Maybe then, I could get some work done
When I fall in love
all the nutrients - that could go
to the brain that might actually need it
are instead detoured, no devoured
by the selfish butterflies in my stomach
and the time it takes to wonder
what my first name would look like with your last
When I fall out of love
I am too busy - reading affirmations
about independence and starting that couch to 5k program
we said we’d  
always try together
then relapsing when I see the polaroid from out first date,
still taped to the mirror - then I speculate about what you’d say
about my body, which worked so hard
to squeeze into the jeans I would have begged
you to take off of me,
So I guess my only choices are to join a convent
where I can dedicate my life to an eternal husband
and dream about living the one I always wanted
then trying to attend enough hours of confession
to make myself feel worthy,
or I could look myself straight in the eye while removing
already cried-off mascara and telling
the actually angst-ridden teenage girl
not even close to approaching middle aged woman
the truth ; that it was worth it.

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