Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Windipop : A Poem | #NaPoWriMo Camp #NaNoWriMo

For the next 30 days on my YouTube channel Loving the Language of Literacy, I will be posting an original poem of mine along with behind the scenes knowledge of my inspiration, the creative process, and any other lessons / tips & tricks I have to offer. 

This was written to the prompt of writing about a word that has taken on a completely different meaning in your family or culture than the one that is commonly known. Coincidentally, the photo used for the thumbnail is one written exactly 10 years ago from the time the video was posted, give or take only a week.
I haven’t thought of her in ten years
The little girl whose grand plan on a Friday night
was family dinner at The Only Place in Town
where she was happy to order sprite, a hamburger,
and fries with a spice something like paprika
Who was guiltiest about the cartoons she watched past her bedtime
and holding one parent’s hand longer than the other,
Her mother imagined the word as a way to preserve innocence
while having a jolly good time doing it
I hadn’t actually realized there was any other term
for that bodily function we like to call a fart
and giggle hysterically whilst placing the blame
on the criss cross apple sauced person that’s most annoyed you today
After everyone asks what I could possibly be referring to
I stop using it
and there designates where that little girl died
Sometime when I began giving a crap.

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