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What to Expect in 2014

What to Expect from Loving the Language of Literacy in 2014
This is a very exciting post for me to write because it's like an outline for all of my plans during this year. 

In my first month of blogging, I wanted to sign up for every single readathon, every single weekly meme, and every blog tour I had the knowledge of, my thinking being "the more the merrier", but what I realized is that some of particular projects I had taken on although not much work was needed, it was still tedious, not very much fun to do, and stressful to get the posts up in time. I'm not saying that weekly memes aren't fun, or that readathons are bad, or that blog tours don't serve their purpose. What I'm saying is that personally, I bit off more than I could chew on some of them, which created the stress of the need to post things. I started this blog for book reviewing, so I could share my opinion, period. So I'm going to go back to my so called "roots" of why I started blogging and have a lot more review-oriented posts. At the beginning of formulating my ideas for this, I thought it was going to look very similar my "Readiculous Reads End of the Year Celebration: Bookish Resolutions" because I changed courses in my mind for my plans for this year.

Quick intro, all of the pending names are in quotation marks alongside with the name I will use if the names I come up with are bad. I honestly am very bad at naming things, so if the review format names aren't to your liking, feel 100% free to leave a suggestion in the comments, I want reader feedback so I can better improve Loving the Language of Literacy.

I want my review schedule to look a little something like this, five out of seven days a week from yours truly. 
Monday: Regular Book Review "Literacy Lover"- My regular 13 category review listed as #1 on my review format list. 
Tuesday: Top 10 Tuesday- The weekly meme hosted by the Broke and Bookish where they list a topic/category and I list my top 10 of that.
Thursday: Discussion Thursday- The weekly meme hosted by Jayne @ Fiction_TheNew Reality where I talk about whatever topic she tells me to write about. 
Friday: "Riday's Random Review" - More information down below. Feature and Follow Friday- The weekly meme hosted by Parajunkees Reviews, and Alison Can Read
Saturday: Spontaneous Saturday- More information down below

I will be featuring six different kinds of reviews on this blog The names of the reviews are pending, any suggestions welcome because I have the inability to come up with creative names, because honestly I came up with Loving the Language of Literacy, which is way to long, but that's what I get for coming up with it myself. 
#1 Literacy Lover: The regular review will feature the 13 possible categories, Plot, Characters, Romance Cover, Title, Writing Style, Feels, Pacing, Ending, Quotes Continuation, Conclusion are covered in the review, and they tend to be the longest, most detailed ones, covering every aspect of the book. 
#2 Loving the Language: The express review is similar to my older format when I was just blogging on Goodreads. It actually isn't very express, but simply states all of my opinions about the book, without the 13 categories, for example I might choose to focus solely on the plot, or the characters, instead of covering everything else.
#3 Sia's Synonymous: The comparison review is where I will be comparing two books and/or series that have something in common whether it's the plot, setting, characters, or particular aspect between them. 
#4 Language of Love: The un-edited, or feels review is when I sit down right after I finish the book for a solid period of time, non-stop writing down my opinions, until I can't write anymore. This will be somewhat like an author's challenge where they force themselves to write for an hour without interruption. It could be a rant, it could be expressing all the feels, or anything like that, and the reason it's called un-edited is because that's what it will be, un-edited without any grammar check, all raw emotions. This is my personal favorite review because I hate spellchecking, and editing, so a lot less work for me.
#5 Literacy Locomotive: The review blast is when I will be reviewing more than one book in a single post, and those are what actually should be called express posts, because only the basics of the books are covered. The basic information in these will state whether or not I liked the book. 
#6 Lover of Lofty Literacy: The series overviews are basically express reviews for each book in the series, my overall opinions of the series, and which book I think was best in the series. 

Riday's Random Review: 
Friday was the only day of the week with the letter 'R' except for Saturday, and "Rday's Random Review" didn't have the same ring to it. This review will be exactly what it says, a review with a randomly chosen format from #1-6. Most commonly, if I'm doing a blog tour, my requested stop will be on Friday, so that's what you should expect.
I came up with the idea of the "Saturday Surprise" totally out of the blue, because I wanted a day to have an "unconventional" post, and the best part about it is that nobody is going to know what it is, even myself. Everything is up for grabs, even weekly memes that I've already done, and repeated posts. 

Spontaneous Saturday is going to be a post every Saturday that is spontaneous (mind=blown). Basically what I mean is that a Spontaneous Saturday post could be about just about anything, and you as my readers, will have no idea what it will be about. The funny thing is neither will I know anything about what the post is going to be until I write it.

Possible Spontaneous Saturday Posts:
-Another random review, because really this is written by Sofia Li, a girl that cannot have enough of telling other people her opinion. 
-A good old-fashioned game of "Guess the Cover"
-Another Discussion post
-An Author or Blogger Spotlight, either my interviewing of one, or plain gushing about how amazeballs they are. 
-A post about my experience at the latest Book Signing I've gone to. 
-An "All About Me" post where I tell you a more about myself similar to "Life of a Blogger" posts.
-A playlist for a certain book
-A monthly recap
-A song for every book read in one month/week 
-One of my personal favorites are Character Spotlights where I basically give all the information I can about them, and what I like, their both good and bad qualities, and all that fun jazz. 
-Maybe even a giveaway

All challenges I will participate in 2014 are listed here.
I have resolved to only do readathons when I have time to, or have the time to schedule each post because I realized that I am under too much pressure at school to worry about a separate individual post every day for that time. The reason for this decision is because I had done the "End of Ye"

Stacking the Shelves: 
I will be doing Stacking the Shelves as a bi-weekly event or whenever I go to the library to tell you what new books I have gotten.

Blog Tours: 
I personally love blog tours because I seriously get to read books I'm interested in, and sometimes aren't even released yet, for free in exchange for reviewing it. All of the blog tours I will participate in will be listed in the sidebar and "Blog Features" 
*Remember to tell me name suggestions
*In my first month of blogging, I've only posted three out of the planned six review types, so when I later in this month have links to these, tell me which is your favorite.
*If anybody wants to leave me ideas for a blog button/badge thing, please do because I am in the brain-storming process
*Leave in the comments below your thoughts, opinions, or any suggestions to make aspects of the blog better :)
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