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I'm Back!!! ~ The Sunday Post (11) + Stacking the Shelves (12)

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer where one talks about what they did this week, what books they obtained, general blog news. 

Loving the Language of Literacy Lookback:

Loving the Language of Literacy Lookout:

I'm Back!!! ~ If you hadn't noticed, I was absent from the blogosphere from the 6th to the 13th of July. I was out of town and up in the mountains on those days and I had an absolute blast. I did archery (feeling TOTALLY badass like Katniss), kayaked, hiked, swam, reversed charaded (which is SO much fun), and more. I even had to sing before every meal because it was camp.... and what better to do than have kids sing for their suppers? I hadn't known how much I needed that period of relaxation without Internet, which meant no Blogging, Twitter, Instagram, and very little reading. I am completely recharged and have a number of ideas for discussions, bookish tags, reviews to write, and a lot more fun in store.

I Broke Down and Got an Instagram ~ I did it! I finally got myself a darned Instagram account. If you take a little looksie at my left sidebar, you will see a montage of my Instagram posts, and I'm still trying to figure out how to get a follow widget. My username is @sslluvsbooks exactly like my twitter user name if you would care to follow me for bookish shenanigans.

BookTubeathon is over today!!! ~ So I know I'm a blogger, and not a vlogger, but I have been avidly keeping up with the Book Tube-a-Thon that has been commencing the past week. I have (attempted) to follow the TBR challenges, and watching my favorite BookTubers do all the fun video challenges each day. Because of Book Tube-a-Thon, I have also managed to squeeze in some extra reading, which is always a good thing, and I just love the camaraderie and feeling of community that exudes from all the videos that have been posted.

Fierce Reads Summer Blockbuster Tour ~ I will be at the Grove this Wednesday (the 23rd) at 7 pm for this tour with lovely authors Ann Aguirre (Razorland Trilogy), Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles), Anna Banks (Syrena Legacy Trilogy), and Leigh Bardugo (Grisha Trilogy). I am psyched for the signing, and am so happy to have at least one book written by each author, so I will have a chance to get them signed. If I'm brave, I may even tell them that I am a book blogger, who knows anything can happen at a book signing. If you live in the LA area and are going to the signing as well, tell me in the comments, maybe we can have a secret symbol or some form of acknowledgement. And you know what a signing means? A RECAP POST!!! 

#TeaTimeRewind ~ If you missed this weeks #TeaTime (weekly liveshow on the Epic Reads YouTube channel), you may not know that Margot and Aubry (their names are spelled correctly!) would appreciate people to post/upload #TeaTimeRewind s because the comment section was overflowing so much this week, and it will give us Crumpets a chance to interact with each other. I designed a little banner which can be seen on MY #TeaTimeRewind it's nothing too special, but I think it's cute.

Kindle Unlimited ~ On Friday, Amazon launched a new program -Kindle Unlimited- which is dubbed "the Netflix for books." At a glance, it seems like a nifty new subscription service that will give us readers access to over 600,000 titles, but on the flip side, "What will this mean for authors?" On Tuesday, a discussion post will go live on the blog, and I definitely want to know what you think.

Books Read This Week: Because of my semi-participation in this week's Book Tube-a-Thon, I urged myself to read a little more than usual, and have read 4 full-length novels, a novella, and a picture book that isn't really a picture book. 

4/5: I read AND reviewed this book this week, and immensely enjoyed the romance, characters, and breakneck pace.
4/5: I read and scheduled my review for the sequel because I HAD to go to the library and pick this up and now I have to wait over 10 days for the last book -Ignite Me- to return to the library.
I don't want to reveal my rating for this book because I did do a promotional blog tour post , but I ended up disliking the it.
4/5: I read and loved The Invention of Hugo Cabret, and Wonderstruck DEFINITELY did not disappoint. My review is going live soon and I can't wait to share my thoughts.
4/5: For some reason, I thought about Winger CONSTANTLY while I read this book, and in my review, I will compare and contrast the two, because even though the plot/premise is different, the characters and writing style are very similar.
5/5: This was my semi-picture book, based off of the famous poem by Shane Koyczan "To This Day" which went viral on YouTube. The pictures perfectly depicted the verses, and really embodied the message of it.
Quote of the Week: This week's quote is from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, and I love it because of how thought-provoking it is amidst all of the humor going on during the novel.

"I draw becayse words are too unpredictable.
I draw because words are too limited.
If you speak and write in English, or Spanish, or Chinese, or any other language, then only a certain percentage of human beings will get your meaning.
But when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it."

Random Story of the Week: You know that phrase "It's the little things in life...." that most teenagers (like myself) roll their eyes in response to adults when it is said? Well, I learned that this is true earlier this week. I am the resident dish washer in my house, and while I was washing the dishes a few days ago, I noticed we had gotten new wool steel. And I was so freaking happy that we got new wool steel. I am a teenager, and I NEVER thought I would be happy to get a common household item used to scrub dishes. Yup, my life is so exciting.

"Stacking the Shelves" is a meme when you list the books you've added to your shelves, virtual, physical, or whatever shape or form you get them. As people may know, “Stacking the Shelves” posts are hosted by “Tynga's Reviews”

{Disclaimer: I am in no means trying to brag about what I got, and merely shared this post for the benefit of my followers seeing what I purchased, and as a favor to the lovely people that sent me things. My haul is also rather large this particular week because it is cumulative from the past month or so}

As part of a daily deal on Amazon, I purchased the eVersions of The Testing (Joelle Charbonneau) and Of Poseidon (Anna Banks). I actually got through the first 15% of TT, but it never really picked up for me, I am considering going back, and giving it another chance. After the signing, I will most definitely be picking up OP after Anna has gotten my excited for the series.
Queen of Someday (Sherry D. Ficklin) is an ARC I received from Clean Teen Publishing via Netgalley and it is being released on October 7, 2014.

Wickedpedia (Chris Van Etten) does not seem like my usual book (it has a horror feel to it), but I am extremely excited to dig into it. Wickedpedia is an ARC I received from Scholastic via Netgalley and it was released on the June 21, 2014.

Phobic (Courtney Pearson) is also horror, and I am very scared (but psyched) to read this ARC which I received via Netgalley and it is being released on September 9, 2014.

The Beginning of Everything (Robyn Schneider) is a book I purchased through a Kindle Daily Deal, and a lot of people (including my hard-to-please friend that I hit with a book) enjoyed it.
All four of these books are Blog Tour ones I have received from Xpresso Book Tours (for all except Winter in the Soul) in exchange for reviews.

My tour stop for Gypsy by Trisha Leigh is August 31, 2014.

My tour stop for the Lore Anthology is August 20, 2014, and I can't wait to read it because I have never read an anthology before.

My tour stop for The ARtful by Wilbert Stanton is August 16, 2014.

My tour stop for Winter in the Soul by Jennifer Novotney has already passed and was posted on July 18, 2014.
The four of these books are eARCS from various publishers courtesy of Netgalley.

To This Day by Shane Koyczan courtesy of Annick Press released on July 17, 2014.

Creed by Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie courtesy of Flux to be released on November 8, 2014.

Oh Yeah, Audrey! by Tucker Shaw courtesy of Amulet Books to be released on October 14, 2014.

Heart of Dread: Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston courtesy of Hatchette Children's Books to be released October 2, 2014. 
And now we have my HUGE stacks of library books.  I'm not going to go into each book and why I borrowed it, because frankly, it's past midnight, and I feel almost dead. You can see I have stacked these books with a bit of a purpose in accordance to genre.

The Madman's Daughter: Megan Shepherd ~ Historical Fiction/Mystery
Noggin: John Corey Whaley ~ Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
Everything Leads to You: Nina Lacour ~ Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Panic: Lauren Oliver ~ Contemporary Romance/Thriller
Prisoner of Night and Fog: Anne Blankman ~ Historical Fiction/Romance
Since You've Been Gone: Morgan Matson ~ Contemporary Romance
Winger: Andrew Smith ~ Realistic Fiction/Coming-of-Age
Unravel Me: Tahereh Mafi ~ Dystopian Romance
Shatter Me: Tahereh Mafi ~ Dystopian Romance
Landry Park ~ Science Fiction/Romance
Parallel: Lauren Miller ~ Mystery/Romance
Unsouled: Neal Shusterman ~ Dystopian
The Fifth Wave: Rick Yancey ~ Science Fiction/Romance

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