Thursday, July 3, 2014

My July 2014 TBR + Anticipated Releases

Hello all my Bookish lovelies! Today I will be telling you what I plan to read in the month of July (plan being the operative word) as well as my top four anticipated releases of this month. I know what you're probably thinking, "Why the heck would Sofia make a post telling us what she's going to read? She NEVER sticks to these kind of things." Well, to answer that question, I am turning over a new leaf in the month of July. I am planning to discipline myself on multiple fronts including what books I read, what I will be doing with my spare time, and what I will be writing. Basically, so July doesn't become another June which was just unproductive. This unproductivity was sorely needed because I just needed a chance to chill after the continuous pelting of assignments, homework, tests, and projects finally stopped. But it has been an entire month, and I needed change around here.

Anticipated Releases

Conversion: Katherine Howe ~ I've never read a book about the Salem Witch Trials before, and this sounds like an interesting modern take on it.

Four: A Divergent Story Collection ~ I know I have a love hate relationship with Divergent, but I do like Four and want to hear more about who he is and his past.

On the Fence: Kasie West ~ This sounds like such a cute contemporary/summer romance/beach read and if  it's anything like The Distance Between Us, I think it will be a new favorite.

The Kiss of Deception: Mary E Pearson ~ I actually have an ARC of this  novel, and haven't gotten to it yet. I will probably read it after I get back from or during camp. The cover looks so enchanting, and the story so unusual.

July TBR

I Instragrammed/Tweeted a picture of my July TBR for #30daysofbookstagrams and these are the physical books I own that I want to read, and I'm including the eBooks as well. I know my goals are extremely lofty, but I believe that I'm back on a roll since the beginning of June had been a dud month.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings: Maya Angelou ~ I have been wanting to read this book since Maya's passing, and actually have a really cool book reviewing arrangement between myself and a local pharmacy where I will be reviewing books for them so it's a complete win win situation with this book. I haven't gotten very far yet, but what I have read is extraordinarily written.

The Impossible Knife of Memory: Laurie Halse Anderson ~ I'm not entire sure if I will get to this because it's a library book due Friday, but I can always renew it. There wasn't much buzz around it, and not every review I have read was positive either, but I'm still giving it a chance because Laurie Halse Anderson has written some of my favorite contemporary YA books of all time.

1984: George Orwell ~ Sometime around June, I had this sudden epiphany that I should use this summer to start reading classic literature such as 1984, Animal Farm, Great Gatspy, you know, the works. My friend's mom had actually heard me talking about wanting to read 1984, and she so generously purchased it for me. Thank you Barb! :)

Winger: Andrew Smith ~ This is the other library book in my possession, and I can't wait to get it, even if I have to stay up all Thursday night so I can return it Friday. I have heard that it causes massive book hangovers, and is a classic quirky Andrew Smith novel. The only thing that prevented me from reading it was its massive size, but I will persevere.

Wonderstruck: Brian Selznick ~ My mom bought this for around five years ago when I first read Hugo and I shamefully never got around to it. Despite its massive size, I think it should be a breeze since I enjoyed the uniqueness of Hugo so much. Plus, the cover is just so much fun to stroke.

The Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank ~ This is another of the classics which I haven't read yet and look forward to doing so. Especially because The Fault in Our Stars recently came out, and there was so much controversy surrounding Gus and Hazel's kiss. Maybe reading this will help me form a solid opinion on that.

City of Bones: Cassandra Clare ~ I have been on a BookTube watching binge, and so many of the popular ones such as Christine, Kat, Jesse, Ariel, Heather, and Liz have read this series, and I just have to see what it's all about.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Laini Taylor OR Shadow and Bone: Leigh Bardugo ~ The reason I say or is because I don't think I will have time for both. But they are highly recommended by people on Twitter and Instagram. I kind of sorta DNFed DoSaB earlier this year, not because it wasn't good, but because I had another better book. SaB has gotten a lot of buzz lately because of Ruin and Rising. There's also the added bonus that I can binge read both series if I fall in love with them, and won't have to wait forever for sequels.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe: Benjamin Alire Saenz ~ I bought this is June. Everybody says it is amazing. Enough said.

This is What Happy Looks Like: Jennifer E. Smith OR Under the Never Sky: Veronica Rossi ~ I know this is a really weird either/or, but they're more "let's see what this is all about" type of books instead of "Ohmergod! I gotta read them!"

Les Miserables: Victor Hugo ~ This is the book I am attempting to read in July, and plan to read a certain amount of pages per day. I have not done this yet, but wish me luck. I still have 30 days left.

Othella: Therin Knite ~ This is a blog tour book which I have to get to really soon because the tour stop is next Wednesday and sounds like a really cool dystopian mystery with a killer cover.

The Testing: Joelle Charboneu ~ Both this and Of Poseidon were on sale for $2.99 (and its still going on) and I just had to see what this was about, especially because I won an ARC of Independent Study from a giveaway, and obviously couldn't read it before The Testing. It sounds like a really cool Hunger Games esque novel. Plus, I really like the simple, but sleek cover.

Of Poseidon: Anna Bankes ~ I've never been the biggest fan of mermaid novels, but I have heard a lot of praise and buzz because the conclusion to the trilogy was recently released. There's supposed to be intrigue, and politics, and romance and overall sounds like my type of mermaid book, if there is such a thing.

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