Friday, November 28, 2014

Loving the Language of Literacy's One Year Blogoversary Celebration 🎉

Do you know how many things go on in the month of December? 



My Birthday


My Blogoversary

On December 8, 2013, a naive teenage girl woke up on a Sunday morning and decided to take her book reviewing talents to the next level by creating her very own book blog.

I knew I had to do SOMETHING for all of you wonderful people. I’m not the hottest, most popular blogger, with ten thousand page views a day, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and amazing content going live 365 days a year. I don’t have a ton of capital to sponsor awesome giveaways. Yet, I know EXACTLY what I would have wanted as a theoretical giveaway prize if I were to start a brand new blog tomorrow. (Which, just for the record, I am not doing, Loving the Language of Literacy takes up enough time by itself) 

*drumroll for dramatic effect*


Last December, I wasn’t handed a blogger’s manual with the need-to-know information on receiving ARCS, blog tours, and readathons. I had to figure everything out for myself, and to be perfectly honest and clear, I made every rookie mistake in the book - you know, the one that doesn’t exist.

So what I’m doing is helping YOU. For the next 30 days, on every even day, you will be receiving some sort of information-packed discussion. *Uses telemarketer voice* But wait.... There’s more!

HALF of those discussions will be on my BookTube channel, epynonimously named, Loving the Language of Literacy! This is so you will receive information in two entirely different mediums covering topics that apply to BOTH, in case you were considering starting your own BookTube Channel to compliment your blog or vice versa.

That means 8 posts full of sarcastic remarks and snarky GIFs on the BLOG Loving the Language of Literacy AND 7 videos full of me trying to be funny and random ramblings ALL full of my overall wonderful attitude. 

Without further ado.... Ze Schedule (Subject to change at any time, because, let’s be real here, it’s still Sofia):

Blog ~ Tuesday | December 2 - Once You're Known.... There's No Going Back
BookTube Channel ~ Thursday | December 4 - Shake Them Haters Off! Do What You Want, What You Want With Your Blog
Blog ~ Saturday | December 6 - The Beauty Of The Internet
BookTube Channel ~ Monday | December 8 - Being a Teenager is Hard Enough Without a Hobby People Don't Understand
BookTube Channel ~ Sunday | December 12 - What Would I Have Done Differently If I Were to Begin V/Blogging Tomorrow?
BookTube Channel ~ Monday | December 16 - Let’s Break it Down Here.... Life Isn’t Glamorous
BookTube Channel ~ Saturday | December 20 - National Book Appreciation Day
BookTube Channel ~ Wednesday | December 24 - It's Hard Being So Awesome
BookTube Channel ~ Sunday | December 28 - The Evolutionary Process of a Creature Known as THE Sofia

BookTube Channel ~ Wednesday | December 31 - What Has Book Blogging Taught Me?

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