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August 2015 Wrap-Up | Road Trips, Kindle Paperwhites, 14 Books & Running



Cross Country | I had never been part of a team before Spring of this year and I actually didn't enjoy track that much. Even without having had our first meet, Cross Country has completely changed my life. My team is freaking incredible and whether you're an underclassmen or an upperclassmen, the fastest, "most valuable person" or the slowest - like myself, you're treated as an equal and we all feel like family. Every single practice, whether it's an on or an off day, I always get an indescribable feeling of euphoria because of the accomplishment. Case in point; XC = awesome. 

I Have the Power!!! | J.K. I just have a Kindle Paperwhite, but it feels like the same thing. I got it mostly out of convenience because I can now read eBooks at school and other socially unacceptable places for a phone or iPad.

All of My Long Tresses Are Gone | Just kidding, the bottom layer is actually the same length as it was before but I got a lot more layers and angles put in. You cannot imagine how much anxiety I had because of the fear my hair would get so short I couldn't put it up in a high pony-tail for cross country. Luckily, I'm in love with the cut and you can watch my August Reading Wrap-Up to see it.

Shakespeare, Historic Mansions, and Hours in a Car With My Family aka "The Road Trip" | My family and I went down to the Hudson Valley during the last weekend in September to see a production of "The Winter's Tale." While in the area, we went to Eleanor Roosevelt's House, the Vanderbilt Mansion, and FDR's estate. Accompanied with my audiobooks and kindle, I had a grand ole' time and the picture from the trip is above. 

Two Runs a Day, Campfire Card Games, and "Finding My Why" @ Aim High | I spent an entire week up in the Adirondacks with some of the best people I have ever met. I cannot express how amazing the experience of running camp was. The sense of community and team atmosphere was absolutely overwhelming and served as a perfect launchpad for the 2015 cross country season. 


School... Surprisingly | I've gotten to know some of my peers through cross country and hearing all of their words of wisdom have gotten my excited to begin the new school year. While I know I'll have to go back to the balancing act between school, cross country, reading, writing, and BookTubing, I know I can do it and being in school will merely inspire me more as I interact with different people and have a ton of new experiences. 



In April, I came out with a video series where, through a   series between myself and the character Francesca, I update my viewers on how successful I have been with my New Years Resolutions. I released the newest installment this month and had an absolute blast with the process from scripting the video, to the multiple takes until I got the line down, and bringing it all together in editing. [1st Quarterly Update]

This month, I collaborated with my good friend Alex from the Books Buzz on our discussion meant to answer the question - Are Sequels Destined to Fail? We both had different takes on the subject and I loved seeing the contrast between them. I take you through the different types of sequels as well as the deciding factors. [Alex's Discussion]

Throughout the month of August, I got back into the medium and listened to four audiobooks. When talking to my bookish friends, I realized that not everything is familiar to the medium and the discussion was my own PSA to my viewers on the benefits of audibooks as I explain how the actual process of reading is made so much more convenient.


  I FINALLY picked up The Mortal Instruments this month and    managed to marathon half of the six book series. Naturally, this was in part because of EmmmaBooks and I had to rewatch everyone's videos about Shadowhunters because now I actually understand what's going on and what all the excitement is about.

In August I basically got obsessed with Elisabeth Paige's channel. All her BookTube-a-Thon videos had so much care and thought put into them and her channel just oozes with creativity. Her personality is awesome as well and I can't wait to continue watching her.

Kristina Horner somehow manages to make sponsored videos in a way I never would have dreamed of anyone else doing. Her newest one focuses on a printer but she turns it into an entire discussion surrounding Digital vs Physical memories.

Jamie from the Perpetual Page Turner has a superb blog and I adore watching her videos. She recently made a Welcome to BookTube tag video and despite the fact that it's overdue, I sincerely enjoyed hearing her reasons for joining the wondrous community known as BookTube.

This wasn't a BookTube video but it was my most anticipated video of August 2015 because Tiernan came out with another short film and this one was even better than the last. I know he put a ton of effort into everything and it most definitely shows.


Emma and I insisted this month on going to see the latest Mission Impossible installment and it did not disappoint for what it was. You get exactly what you pay for, two hours of action, heart pounding adventure, unimaginable tech, political intrigue, and humor. There ended up not being any romance which surprised all of us but I found it refreshing for the franchise. Plus Benji remains as one of the best characters ever! 
Last month I talked about how I whizzed through all 100 episodes of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries in 4 days and of course, I had to continue my newfound obsession with classic literature redone vlog-style with Emma Approved. I went a bit slower pace this time in attempts to savor everything and I sincerely enjoy the tone as well as the characters of this one. The chemistry between the characters is extremely tangible and I came to adore Emma Woodhouse as well as admire the developments that had to take place along the way.

Did you honestly think I would stop watching adaptations of classic literature? Of course not! And I had to start watching the Anne of Green Gables adaptation since I grew up listening to the audiobook and watching so many different movie adaptations. I knew exactly where Anne was quoting the novel and fangirled the entire time. 

Emma is a huge fan of Marvel and being the dutiful best friend I am, tagged along. I was pleasantly surprised despite some cliche moments, it was extremely hilarious and I got exactly what I payed for in terms of content.


I haven't listened to Cassadee Pope for so long but this month her sound / lyrics seemed fitting for my life and this seemed to solidify my love for her as well as prove her position as a pop/country crossover artist.

I have NEVER been a Directioner but I have been listening to this song on repeat all month long. Being newly broken up, it was an absolute power jam I loved to whip my newly cut hair around to.

Carrie Underwood dropped her new single as well as the news that her 5th studio album Storyteller would be released on the 23rd of October. While Smoke Break's sound is a tad different from Blown Away, this song was on repeat this month.

I was merely listening to Spotify's alternative radio and this song sprung out at me. Their sound is a lot like the Fray's and I enjoyed listening to this song a lot.

This song was featured in my favorite TV show of the summer - The Astronaut Wives Club - and it was so fitting for the show and just a great song overall by one of my favorite new artists.

This was featured on my 2nd favorite show of the summer - Mistresses - which just wrapped up its 3rd season during an extremely climactic scene following the arc between two of the main characters. It was absolutely perfect and the song sent chills up my spine.

Three Days Grace is a hit or miss band for me because a lot of the time it's heavier rock than I prefer but this was one of the hits. I love the beginning of their songs and dancing around my room randomly while blasting this.


“Maybe smiling at people would be my new revenge on the bullshit world.” --- Glory O'Brien's History of the Future : A.S. King

“How can a fifteen-year old girl defend her love when that love is dismissed by everyone? It’s impossible to defend yourself against inexperience and age. And maybe they’re right. Maybe we don’t know love like an adult knows love, but we sure as hell feel it.” --- Confess : Colleen Hoover 

How do you find a balance between school and/or a job and all the reading, writing, BookTubing you want to do?

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