Thursday, May 22, 2014

101 Things I Hate: Life of a Blogger (2)

101 Things I Hate

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to my second time ever doing the weekly feature -Life of a Blogger, hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Each week she has a subject and to talk about that is about my oh so fabulous life. They are non-bookish so that you can get to know me on a more personal level! The list of future topics is here. By the way, this week's topic is particularly large, like last week's so I'm just going to jump right into it in a completely random order. I could have been deep with this, but I needed 101. Some of them are obvious, some are general, some are specific, some are weird, some are just really random, and a lot is food. If I tried to justify them, we would be here all day.

1. Annoying, Immature Boys
2. Taking Tests
3. Homework
4. Anything Being Cliche
5. Rap Music
6. Cleaning My Room
7. Slow Internet 
8. No Internet Access
9. Getting Up for School 
10. Sunny Weather Above 80 degrees -this porcelain skin doesn't get this way on its own accord (totally joking, I'm actually very tan)
11. People trying to push their religions on me -religion is wonderful, pushy people aren't
12. Petty Girls
13. B***hes
14. Being Jealous
15. People being mean
16. People being arrogant
17. Losing arguments with myself -Am I the only one?
18. Blood & Gore
19. Wet Socks
20. Losing -arguments, competition, you name it
21. Drama
22. Immaturity in General -the boys needed their own category
23. People that are fake
24. People I can't have a real conversation with
25. Exclusion
26. Over/Under cooked Pasta
27. Vegetables 
28. Fruit -yes, I am the only human being that doesn't like fruit and/or vegetables #dontjudge
29. My parents not understanding me -the cliche teenage hate
30. Injustice
31. Expensive things I want but can't afford
32. Nuts of all variety -except pistachios 
33. Taxes
34. Caution
35. Overbearing control-freak teachers that don't let you express individuality
36. People that don't like books
37. Negativity
38. Slow People
39. Syringes
40. Being blamed
41. Losing 
42. Deadlines
43. Set TBRs -mood reader here
44. Being late
45. Annoying people that ask obvious questions 
46. Repeating myself
47. Being called bossy
48. Bad DJs -long story
49. Rejection
50. Humiliation
51. Doritos
52. Pop Quizzes
53. Angry People
54. "Unlucky" things
55. Being surprised, even for parties (not that has ever happened), I always HAVE to know
56. Irresponsibility
57. People that don't pull their own weight
58. Complaining/Whining People
59. Misunderstandings
60. The absence of "ME" time
61. Lack of time management
62. Procrastination
63. Long school days
64. #2 Pencils -Led pencils & inky pens ALL the way
65. Bad teachers
66. Disney Channel Sitcoms
67. Chaos/Feeling overwhelmed
68. Lack of leadership
69. Being forced to do things
70. Disappointment
71. Working with partners for school projects
72. Things without allignment -it affects my OCD tendencies
73. Dead time
74. Pointless questions
75. Doubt
76. Unhappiness
77. Contempt
78. Tenses
79. Mud 
80. Annoying pop songs that get stuck in my head
81. Insta love
82. Cheesy Love Triangles
83. How I can't buy one single, and how I HAVE to buy the WHOLE album
84. Being Nervous
85. Being in pain -I really don't know who would like this
86. Weak, submissive girls that can't seem to think for themselves -in real life and literature
87. Being confined to guidelines -I am divergent, I cannot be controlled *cough* *cough* teachers
88. People that think they're superior
89. The end of the school year when I'm burnt out from all the work -*checks watch* right about now
90. Losing things -friends, schools supplies, you name it
91. Being unorganized
92. Others being cryptic 
93. Hypocritical perpetrators -a post going up in the next few weeks will make sense
94. When an activity stops being fun
95. Boredom -I don't know who likes it
96. Romance driven plots -most of the time, because I need more substance
97. When classrooms/rooms in general are 20 degrees colder/hotter than outside 
98. Slow people that get in my way -usually walkers while I'm running in the park
99. Talking to people at the pharmacy -there's a story attached to this
100. Waiting for things -"I am many things, patient is not one of them", a quote I said when I was eight years old, and this hasn't changed eve now
101. Not reaching my goal/beating my record -usually having to do with academics or running

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