Saturday, May 17, 2014

101 Things I Love: Life of a Blogger (1)

101 Things I Love

Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to my first time ever doing the weekly feature -Life of a Blogger, hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Each week she has a subject and to talk about that is about my oh so fabulous life. They are non-bookish so that you can get to know me on a more personal level! The list of future topics is here. By the way, this week's topic is particularly large, so I'm just going to jump right into it in a completely random order. I could have been deep with this, but I needed 101. Some of them are obvious, some are general, some are specific, some are weird, some are just really random, and a lot is food. If I tried to justify them, we would be here all day.

1. My Family 

2. My Friends

3. Books -If I named them, it would be all 101

4. Reading

5. Lazy Days

6. Libraries/Library Books 

7. Books

8. My Sports -Running, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming

9. Being Accepted

10. Being Included

11. Going to the Gym

12. Cloudy Days

13. Water -long story

14. The Blogging Community

15. Twitter

16. The Internet

17. My iPod & iPad

18. Swoonworthy male characters 

19. Bloglovin

20. Blue Ink

21. Inky Pens

22. 0.9 Led Pencils

23. Checklists

24. Poetry

25. Money

26. My two ladybug pillow pets, Bugsy and Spudsy which I did name, thank you very much

27. Authors

28. Powells Books

29. Portland

30. Paris

31. Venice

32. Winter

33. Goodreads

34. Finishing a Book

35. New York -all areas

36. Snow

37. Coffee -although everyone keeps it away from me

38. Restaurants -Panda Express, Mama's Brick Oven Pizza Kitchen, McDonalds -I have NO shame

39. Going to bed Late

40. Sleeping in Late

41. Cookies & Cream, Coffee & Cookies, Mint N' Chip, Cookie Dough ice cream 

42. Potatoes -fried, baked, mashed, chips

43. Every single freaking song from the show Nashville

44. The Beach

45. Happiness

46. Love

47. Compassion

48. Empathy

49. Nashville -the tv show

50. Bookish Mail

51. A+s

52. Chicken -fried & orange, but NEVER lemon

53. Sales

54. Macaroni & Cheese

55. Warm Hugs

56. Netflix

57. White Collar

58. Neal Caffrey -he deserves his own number

59. Honesty

60. Compliments

61. Defeating my TBR Pile

62. Singing Along with Songs -I can't sing

63. Readathons -Bout of Books 

64. Advanced Readers Copies

65. eBooks

66. Amazon Kindle Daily Deals

67. Hard Copies

68. Laughing 

69. Saltly Food -bacon, pistacios 

70. Sweet Food -Candy, Macrons

71. Sleep

72. Getting Up Early Because I Want To

73. Debating -a nice way of saying, being right

74. YouTube Beauty Gurus -I have no shame- Stilababe09, juicystar07, ellefowler, amarixe, zoella

75. iTunes

76. Spotify

77. Milk

78. Female Country Artists -Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert

79. Alternative Music -Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Of Monsters and Men

80. Male Country Artists -Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan  

81. Country Bands -Florida Georgia Line, The Band Perry, Lady Antebellum

82. Being Approved on Netgalley

83. Upping my Netgalley Approval Ratio

84. Cover Artists -Jess Moskaluke, Corey Gray, Madilyn Bailey, Alexi Blue

85. Notebooks

86. Truth or Dare

87. Independence

88. Freedom 

89. Being Loud

90. Ramen Noodles -beef or pork- the shame is nonexistent

91. Eye Makeup -liner, pencil, shadow, cream

92. Popcorn

93. Giftcards


95. High Pony Tails

96 June Iparis

97. Knotts Berry Farm

98. People underestimating me, then me gaining their respect

99. Spreadsheets

100. Pinterest


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