Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Foray Into Fiction ~ "Dialogue"

A Foray Into Fiction is a video series on my BookTube Channel Loving the Language of Literacy featuring writing advice and examples and if you want to read what I shared in that week's video, this is the place :)

Shop Owner : I'd really like to buy this ring. My mother lost one just like this a long time ago and it would mean a lot to me.

Customer : Aw how sweet. That'll be $15. We take all major credit cards. We prefer checks that don't bounce.

Shop Owner : Oh, $15? Really? I only have $8, and in cash. It's only a few dollars less, please, can I have it for $8?

Business Partner : Robert! Don't even think about it. I'm sorry ma'am, but this is an established business here. We don't do handouts.

Shop Owner : Now, now Xanthippe. Can't you make an exception? This obviously would mean a lot to this kind-looking gentleman.

Customer : Let me see. I have one, two, three quarters. Eight dollars and seventy-five cents?

Business Partner : Robert, would you like to the the downfall of a store that's been in my family for five generations?

Shop Owner : Oh come now! Always with the theatrics. But... I'm sure we can come to an understanding. How attacked are you with that shirt if yours?

Customer : My shirt? Well, it's the only one I have. I've been unemployed for a long time, and everything I had was stolen by some people I thought were my friends but enough about that. Will my shirt and money pay for the ring? Because if so, you can have them.

Business Partner : Oh I suppose... and you can keep your shirt. Robert, that $6.25 is coming out of your pay. Would you like a bag for the ring?

Prompt : Write a scene using only dialogue featuring the three characters of a shop owner, their business partner, and a customer who only has $8 but wants to buy a ring with sentimental value but the shop owner has been giving people breaks on the prices of their products.

What is your stance on dialogue - is it your favorite part of fiction writing or the worst? What is the most important think you've learned along the way? What is your favorite genre to write? 

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