Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 2015 Wrap-Up | SO. MANY. THINGS.

If you're not following me on any of my social media accounts, you may not know that I went to the #BNBookBash in Orange County where I got to meet nearly every BookTuber I've adore and avidly watch. However before that, I made friends with the girls over at Book Temperament who are the most lovely people ever and I finally met my internet BFF of many months Bella McNally! 

1. #BNBookBash | My visit to California landed during the weekend of Vidcon so even though I wasn't able to attend, I was able to go to the Booksplosion Meet-Up that kicked off the Vidicon weekend for everyone else. It was an absolutely fabulous experience where I met nearly all of my favorite BookTubers as well as made and met with real life bookish humans [pictured above]. I have both a recap video of the event as well as most of the Q&A coming soon to My Channel.

2. STEM Sleep-a-way Camp | So basically I went to go nerd out for a week at Syracuse University whilst surrounded by some of the most intelligent teenage girls I've ever met that will probably dominate the engineering field in a decade. I had to apply for the program (and obviously got in) and the experience was extremely different from what I expected it to be but an unforgettable one.

3. Visiting my Homeland | I had a really nice stay with my father in Orange County where life was easy, consisting of tennis, swimming, golf, and eating for a straight week. The change of pace was enjoyable for a time 

4. Met Up With Bookish Friends | After tweeting, interacting in the comments, and texting each other for more than half a year, my friend Bella and I finally met in real life at the #BNBookBash. It was an incredible experience meeting up with her in real life and we were both so startled at first to see that we were real. I also met up with my friend Thomas from fiction class at a Barnes and Nobles to chat about books which was a blast because I don't have anyone else to completely fan person out with and discuss writing with. Plus we've been discussing filming a few collabs for you guys which may be coming soon... ;)

5. I'm Writing a Novel!I don't know if I can possibly express to you how excited I am to say that. Mid-July I came up with the premise for a brand new story and I've thoroughly outlined around half of it, been developing characters, and generally having a ball in the beginning stages. My hope is to finish the roughest of the rough drafts by November so I can spend NaNoWriMo revising. Wish me luck :)

Running Again! For the month of July I've slacked off because of traveling as well as it not being under 90 degrees every day. Nevertheless I have to whip myself back into shape because I'm going to a week of running camp in the mountains and then straight into Cross Country practice which is a daunting and exciting experience to look forward to.

[July Reading Wrap-Up TO COME! Check Loving the Language of Literacy the YouTube Channel]

 What I'm most proud of this month is how I've dealt with life. July started off with a lot of things going on / happening in my personal life which included running a 10 mile race on the 4th of July after not running consistently since May which I am quite proud of myself for. My boyfriend of the past nearly six months and I decided to break up and remain friends because he and his family are moving halfway across the country. I decided on Fiction for the Young Author's Academy and have begun writing a novel. Overall it was an event filled month :)

This video got 180 views within the first 48 hours which - hands down - makes it my most popular video of all time and there's a reason for that. As you read above, I went to the #BNBookBash and filmed the entire Q&A with BookTubers PolandBananasBOOKS, Katytastic, and Jessethereader, as well as debut author and entertainment journalist Valerie Tejeda.

I got the idea for this video because of Hank Green and my then-boyfriend Gavin. I turned on the camera, started to speak, and ended up with this discussion. I'm honestly dying to know your opinion because of how much media glorifies things but if you think, on a smaller scale, if that's okay.

Coincidentally, this BookTuber's name is also Sofia and she got her friends tighter to play the Backwords Book Title Challenge and it had me laughing hysterically the entire time. They made valiant efforts and have probably gotten closer than anyone I have ever seen make this video before. The dynamic between the three of them is awesome and you should definitely give this video a watch.

The past week at Vidicon, BookTube did one of their famous lip syncing videos and this one was for BookTube's favorite artist - Taylor Swift. Just watch this and tell me it isn't the most fabulous video you've ever seen. 

I discovered the Lizzie Bennet Diaries this month which may be what I have been looking for all my life in a YouTube channel. It's a modern day rendition of Pride and Prejudice done in 3 minute vlog style clips that the entire internet has been buzzing about for ages but I just began watching two days ago... and I'm already halfway through the series. Yeah, I haven't been the most productive lately, but that's okay because it's perfection and now I'm determined to read the book.



If you could meet any BookTuber, which would it be?

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