Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Beach Bag Books: Top Ten Tuesday ()

Books that will be in my beach bag - ones that I really want to read this summer

City of Bones: Cassandra Clare ~ Because you totally want to read a book about Shadow Hunters and whatnot (I know next to nothing abut the series) in the middle of the beach. I can't tell you how much I have heard about it, and think I should try it out, who knows, it could be my newest obessession, and there are A LOT of fat books to keep me happy. 

Guardian: Alex London ~ Why wouldn't I jump at a chance to rejoin the world of Proxy? If you didn't know, its a dystopian/futuristic version of the commonly read in school book, The Whipping Boy. A bunch of my twitter friends and I simply fell in love with the book/series, so we are so exctied to buddy read, as it was just published last week.

Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell ~ Yes, I have owned this book for the past three months, and haven't read it yet. You may now set the hounds on me. Anyway, everyone has been talking abotu how swoon worthy Park is, and how endearing, funny.... (the list goes on) the book is. So it would definitely seem liek a great book to read at the beach.

This Is What Happy Looks Like: Jennifer E. Smith ~ This little sucker is another contemporary romance that I have had my eye on in my bookshelf for a while now. While I wasn't the biggest fan of The Geography of You and Me, I'm hoping TIWHLL will turn me on (that phrase....) to Jennifer Smith a little more, because her stories are light and humorous.

Falling Into Place: Amy Zhang ~ I know this doesn't come out until September, but who knows, I might get lucky on Edelwiess or Netgalley. I read the excerpt from the YA Buzz Books of Fall and Winter. Now somebody hold this laptop while I freak out. The excerpt was simply astounding, and I will not be able to breathe until I get to read the rest of this novel.

Books that should be in your beach bag - ones that I recommend to you

Only With You (The Jane Austen Academy #5): Cecilia Gray ~ This book is literally the MEANING of a beach read. It's light, hilarious, fun, sweet, and a whole lot more, but I think I'll let the review tell you that. By the way, don't be frightened by the #5 part, I got freaked out too (how could I have fit in another 5 books for a single blog tour?), but each book is written like a standalone, and everything made sense to me.

Colonization: Aubrey Dionne ~ I read this book for a blog tour as well, and while it was not written by Jane Austen, it was still a very enjoyable story -perfect for getting immersed in at the beach. While I usually dislike stories about people inhabiting another planet because of whatever messed up reason that theirs isn't any good anymore, this story held its own.

Edna in the Desert: Maddy Ledderman ~ This book, I still remember it being the 3rd review request I ever received, and waiting for it in the mail. This book was, as I said (because it's totally cool to quote yourself) "one of the funniest, heartwarming coming-of-age novels I have read in a long time that's wonderfully crafted characters are bound to stick with you."

The False Prince (Teh Ascendance Trilogy #1): Jennifer A. Nielsen ~ Where do I even start with this masterpiece of Middle Grade/Young Adult crossover literature? This was probably my last favorite Fantasy novel, for so many reasons. One being that I wrote spoiler free and filled reviews of the entire series because it was THAT freaking awesome. What else can I say/ You jsut have to read the rambly post I call a review.

How to Say Goodbye: Amber Lin ~ If you can't have a swoon-worthy boy at the beach, why not read about one? One of the main characters -Dane- is this tortured starving artist type that falls in love with prim and proper Amy. The whole opposites attract thing works really well, and their love story is the kind everyone wants to read while they're at the beach, watching the sun set.

So I would like to know, what books would you recommend for a day at the beach, and what books would you like to bring on a day to the beach?  

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