Thursday, July 23, 2015

Conversation Traveler | My Journey to Dark Side ~ Underpants, Perception, and Imitating Sofia

My Journey to the Dark Side is a 5 Part Mini-Series featuring the poetry I have featured in that week’s corresponding YouTube video. If you’ve wanted to reread a poem I read, look no further :)

Conversation Traveler

Round. Symmetrical in shape. 
Picked up a yard sale for only a dollar.
What could have been a 
Cold, Unreachable, Unaffecting museum display,
Has instead piqued curiosity,
Thus sending life from one side to
Meet with its potential from the other.
Upon experiencing the stone, 
It is merely a time capsule. 
A flawless finish hastily plastered
On the uneraseable mars, cracks, and possibility.
Serving as a creator’s attempt to 
Cover up a history
As one last effort to hide the truth.
That worth is not defined by a price tag
But by the ongoing miles it gains through conversation.

Prompt : Write a poem describing or somehow incorporating this (dubbed) indescribably stone.

Other Poems in the Series ~
What do you think of my description? Are you looking forward to reading the rest of my poems? What else do you want to see on the blog?

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