Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our World | My Journey to the Dark Side ~ Sorrys, Social Issues & Sappiness

My Journey to the Dark Side is a 5 Part Mini-Series featuring the poetry I have featured in that week’s corresponding YouTube video. If you’ve wanted to reread a poem I read, look no further :)

Our World

It’s a world everyone has heard of
But seldom want to discuss
Too heavy to be the centerpiece
For another gathering of plastic well wishers

A constant stream of white noise
Assaulting condemned ears
That we have all seemed
To lock out of consideration

Constant attention is required
For those who have invalid claims
Brought to light when the
Ones we thought we were protecting
End up being our guardians

It’s so easy to stay standing on the front line
For a cause we don’t actually have to believe in

Until it is brought to our attention
That this is our world.

Prompt : Write a poem addressing a social issue you feel passionate about.

Other Poems in the Series ~

What social issue would you address? Are you looking forward to reading the rest of my poems? What else do you want to see on the blog?

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