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End of the Year Read-a-Thon 12/16/13: Movie Cast

End of the Year Read-a-Thon 12/16/13: Movie Cast 


Dec. 16 Movie cast challenge--pick any book read in 2013, and create a real life cast of characters--post links. Hosted by Alex @ BookChick

Can I just tell people how much I cheated on this challenge? I had to go to YouTube to figure out my thoughts, which is doubly bad because it's supposed to be my dream cast, which I suppose means my own, but I do admit that my dream could have been influenced by other peoples. Anyway onto my cast of the "Legend" movie by Marie Lu. Check out "Meeting Marvelous Marie Lu" to read about the current news for the upcoming actual "Legend" Movie.

June Iparis: I saw Hailee Steinfeld in "Ender's Game" and was immediately hooked with the idea of her being June. Her physical appearance is quite similar to June's and overall acting quality seems good. On the other hand I fell in love with Isabelle Furman when she was Clove in "The Hunger Games", and loved how she was small yet extremely tough, just as I imagine June to be. The shape and look of her face is also a lot like how I imagined it. Both actresses are around the correct age, and could pass for an adequate June Iparis. Wow, I'm talking about face shapes, I'm not weird at all. Weirdness aside, what do you think?  

'Day' Daniel Altan Wing: Everyone in the dream cast had older guys like Alex Pettyfer. So this is actually an original; Asa Butterfield. His eyes are to die for, and although I don't know what he would look like with long blonde hair, I think that his eyes and acting talent clearly shown in "Hugo" and "Ender's Game" state how he would be a good Day.

Anden Stavropolous: Marie Lu posted a picture of him on her Pinterest. I've never seen him in any movies and his acting could be a complete disaster but he's...just...Thomas Beaudoin.

Tess: I really don't know of any good actresses that are relatively young and look like Tess, so
G. Hannelius will just have to do.

Eden Bataar Wing: I have to admit I stole this idea, but once I saw it I was like "What the hec! He's perfect" Jared Gilmore, I watch him every single Sunday on Once Upon a Time. He's cute, sweet, little (enough) and plain perfect for Eden.

Commander Thomas Alexander Bryant: Don't we all love him and his very long title?
Joshua Bowman is handsome, but I'm pretty sure he could pull off slimy-little-over hairgreased-scumball-that-killed-his-best-friend-for-the-sake-of-obeying-the-state-of-California.

Kaede: I swear I'm crazy for having three choices for her, but they're all perfect in different ways. Abigail Breslin. Alexandra Daddario. Phoebe Tonkin. Abigail with dark hair and enough eye-liner looks totally (excuse my language) kick-ass. Alexandra Daddario has this aura around her exhibited when portraying Annabeth in "Percy Jackson" that makes her seem completely right for the part. Lastly Phoebe Tonkin has the ability to look so mysterious and a don't-mess-with-me attitude.

Captain Metias Iparis: Marie Lu has said so countless times before that she always pictured Ben Barnes as Metias in interviews and whatnot, and I could not agree more. Go Prince Caspian!

John: There's also another Narnian native I would like as a character in a "Legend" movie and that is William Mosely, otherwise known as 'Peter the Magnficent". He has the looks and hair, why not cast him?

Yesterday I was a slacker but today I fell in love with the book "Everlost" by Neal Shusterman, it is seriously one of the best plots I've read in a long time, the characters are a little lacking, but the storyline so far has been incredible.

Pages Read Today: 125
Cumulative Pages Read: 700 appx
Books Read: 2
Books Needed to Reach Goal: 5

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