Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Read In 2013~ Dystopia Edition

Top Ten Books I Read In 2013~ Dystopia Edition. So this is my third out of fourth post for "Top __ of 2013" so I altered this to be dystopia addition and this was so hard to make because 2013 was the year of Dystopias for me. I'm only going to do this by series because you know Legend would be slots number one, two, and three. 

1. The Legend Trilogy: Marie Lu~ This is basically a given fact that everyone reading my blog needs to accept because it will be a set factor in all my posts.

2. The Unwind Quartet: Neal Shusterman~ I've only ben able to read two out of the four books because the third just came out, and the fourth isn't out yet. Unwind was what made me love Neal Shusterman and he is my second favorite dystopian author of 2013. 
3. Proxy Dystology: Alex London~ I just got wind of the news that Proxy is going to have it's sequel May 30, 2014 which I am so excited about. Proxy was one of the best dystopian books and had such a complex plot, and the fact that Syd was gay gave it a whole new level.

4. The Selection Trilogy: Kiera Cass~ I admit that I've only read the first book in the series, but I've heard so much raving about "The Elites", and then "The One" is coming out in May 2014. The concept is so much like the Hunger Games, but for love instead of death. 

5. Wither (just the first book): Lauren Destafano~ The second book in the series, "Fever" was a huge disappointment and a DNF. The first book however was so good and such a page-turner.
6. Partials Trilogy: Dan Wells~ I had thought this book would be a classic formula dystopian but it ended being so much more. All of the actual science of the virus interwoven with the battle against the Partials was so interesting.

7. The Lunar Chronicles Quartet: Marissa Meyer~ I read both Cinder and Scarlett and loved them, and there's been so much hype about people with ARCs of Cress. The way that Meyers twists in the futuristic versions of fairy tales in China and France no less make it very intriguing. 

8. The Pledge Trilogy: Kimberly Derting~ The entire series is out as of the Tuesday this post is supposed to go up on. I can't wait to read the Offering as Pledge was one of the earliest Dystopian books I had read. 

9. Uglies Quartet: Scott Westerfeld~ I feel bad for listing this when I've only read the first book, but it was still very interesting especially how they dulled the brain when making you pretty. In my opinion it's more like making them into barbie dolls, but nevertheless the concept and plot was very good.

10. Reboot Dystology: Amy Tintera~ I also recently found out that the sequel to Reboot, Rebel is coming out May 2014. I remember picking it up and reading it in the bookstore, dying to read it, the putting it on hold at the library. 

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