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End of the Year Read-a-Thon 12/17/13

End of the Year Read-a-Thon 12/17/13 Song Challenge

*I am so sorry for having this come up so late, but better late than never right? I have out-of-town visitors. The rest of the posts I'm behind on are coming in a group, but this one was long and needed to be by itself*

*I'm sorry the playlist isn't in order, I didn't know how to do it like that*

December 17 Song Challenge--pick any book read in 2013, and choose song(s) that best describe the book. You can even create a playlist if you want!--post links to songs (youtube, spotify, etc) Hosted by Tanya @ BookLovingHippo 

I was so freaking excited for this challenge, because besides reading books, listening to music is my ultimate passion. I have a playlist comprised 12 songs (the length of a normal album) from different artists that I believe would be a good soundtrack for the "Legend Trilogy" by Marie Lu. If you couldn't tell, I'm into country music. *There are spoilers to the series so skip ahead if you don't want to see them*

1. "Marching On" One Republic: This is the perfect opening track for this 'album'. It gets you in the mood of despair of the Republic and the Lake Sector which is where "Legend" starts. 
"There's so many wars we fought, There's so many things were not, But with what we have, I promise you that, We're marching on," 
"For all of the plans we've made, There isn't a flag I'd wave, Don't care if we bend, I'd sink us to swim,"
 "We'll have the days we break, And we'll have the scars to prove it, We'll have the bonds that we save, But we'll have the heart not to lose it."
"We put one foot in front of the other, We move like we ain't got no other, We go when we go,"

2."Silver Lining" Kacey Musgraves: To get away from the whole dismal theme started with the first song, there's this one. Do I even need to explain this? It's obvious Kacey wrote these lyrics as Day simply pointing out to June that everything would be good as long as she saw the silver lining in the cloudy day known as her life.
"If you're ever gonna find a silver lining. It's gotta be a cloudy day. If you wanna fill your bottle up with lightning. You're gonna have to stand in the rainIf you wanna find the honey. You can't be scared of the bees. And if you wanna see the forest. You're gonna have to look past trees."
3. "How You Learn to Live Alone" 'Avery Barkley' Jonathan Jackson Nashville Cast: At first when I heard this song I thought it would be fitting for June after she left Day, but then I realized this would be perfect for June when Metias died. Think of it as Metias looking down on June and singing this. The very beginning especially these lyrics because every revelation brought June closer to the truth. Then the uncharted hemispheres representing her feeling lost. The feels the book gave me are reflected perfectly in this song.
"Flap your arms, as you run. Every revelation brings you closer to the sun. You fall asleep in moetion. In uncharted hemispheres. And you wake up with the stars falling down around your ears. And when they hit the ground they're nothing but stones. That's how you learn to live along."

4. "Arwen's Vigil" The Piano Guys: There isn't much related to Legend since this instrumental, but I am in love with the way it starts off soft with the piano, then the cello gets added, and everything takes off from there. Even without words, this song tells a story, you just have to listen close to hear it.

5. "What You Gonna Do" Hunter Hayes & Ashley Monroe: I'm frankly not even sure who's POV this is sung by, but I don't care. I remember listening to this song for the first time without Ashley Monroe, but with it turns into something magical. The song is just about loss, something not uncommon in the series, and this song is not about the act of losing, but the person that gets left behind which is simply beautiful.

6."When the Right One Comes Along" 'Scarlett O'Connor & Gunnar Scott ' Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio Nashville Cast: These are all of June's feelings about Day at the very end of Legend when they are in the train, and she's thinking of how perfect he is, and how unexpected. There wasn't music and confetti, but she knew he was the one, the world was cold but he was warm and she was where she was supposed to be.

"There's no music, no confetti. Crowds don't cheer, and bells don't ring. But you'll know it, I can guarantee. When the right one comes along"
"In a cold world, it's a warm place. Where you know that you're supposed to be. A million moments full of sweet relief. When the right one comes along"
   7. "If I Lost Myself" (Cover) 'One Republic' Madilyn Bailey & Corey Gray: Frankly the way they sing this song is perfection. The rich blend of their voices together make it perfect. This song expresses June and Day's relationship in the beginning of " Prodigy" when Day says 'I love you' to June. After the initial shock of everything that happened, even though wary, he knows June will be there for him, and she will ground him if he begin to loses himself. This is especially prominent at the end of "Prodigy" when Day pledges his allegiance to the Republic because life as the Republic's figurehead isn't the best. 
"I stared up at the sun, Thought of all of the people, places and things I’ve loved. I stared up just to see. With all of the faces, you were the one next to me. You can feel the light start to tremble, Washing what you know out to sea. You can see your life out of the window tonight. If I lose myself tonight, It’ll be by your side."
8."Tomorrow Will Be Kinder" Secret Sisters: The feels this song gives you, the way it makes you picture this barren, gray field. Yet this song is hopeful, sort of like a more mature version of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from Annie. It can be told from either Day or June's POV as they both go through so much, but I on the other hand, think it could work for Anden. Right after is father dies, and he becomes the Elector.
 "Black clouds are behind me, I now can see ahead. Often I wonder why I try hoping for an end. Sorrow weighs my shoulders down. And trouble haunts my mind. But I know the present will not last. And tomorrow will be kinder"
9. "Let Her Go" (Cover) 'Passenger' Alexi Blue: I think everyone knows why this song is here. At the end of "Prodigy" when Day (the goddy idiot) thought it was best to let June go because of his impending death. The only difference is that he knew he loved her

"Well you only need the light when it's burning low. Only miss the sun when it starts to snow. Only know you love her when you let her go. Only know you've been high when you're feeling low. Only hate the road when you’re missin' home. Only know you love her when you let her go. And you let her go"
10. "Don't You Remember" Adele: This is actually a song choice that surprised myself because of how well it would work for Tess and Day. Everyone thinks about June's struggle and pain when Day left her, but we rarely think about Tess. It was briefly explained in "Champion" how she loved him as a caretaker, and someone who needed to be taken care of; the perfect relationship. I am not a Day+Tess shipper, but I do feel sympathy for her. Besides in my opinion being weak, and the only character I wasn't in love with, Tess as a story too, and this song explains it. 
 "When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye, Not a single word was said, No final kiss to seal any sins, I had no idea of the state we were in,"
"When was the last time you thought of me? Or have you completely erased me from your memory? I often think about where I went wrong, The more I do, the less I know,"
"Gave you the space so you could breathe,I kept my distance so you would be free, And hoped that you'd find the missing piece, To bring you back to me,"
11."God Gave Me You" Blake Shelton: I'm pretty sure Day doesn't believe in god, and he may not be a walking heartache, but I do know about his feelings for June. There are just too many lyrics describing things perfectly.
"But you stay here right beside me. And watch as the storm blows through. And I need you" June stayed, June stopped hi execution, she never left, except for when it was best.
"Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs. God gave me you for the days of doubt. And for when I think I lost my way. There are no words here left to say, it's true." His love for her was so pure and true.
"That you, an angel lovely. Could somehow fall for me" He underestimates himself, and his worth, always thinking June is better, but she fell for him anyway.
"On my own I'm only. Half of what I could be. I can't do without you. We are stitched together. And what love has tethered" They do make a perfect pair that are better together.
12. "Wine After Whiskey" Carrie Underwood: This is a perfect ending song because of it's semi-darkness of her feelings at the end of "Champion". The whole alcohol thing doesn't really work for June and Day, but the first verse/45 seconds are simple amazing. It's more of the feel of the song that makes you get chills up your spine as Carrie sings almost in June's POV about how no one else will be as good as Day. This verse truly is the icing on the cake for their relationship.
"Looking back I guess it's really for the best, still you’re something that I crave. Even though I know it was right to let you go. You’re a habit hard to break. I got used to being high and nothing that I try seems good enough right now"

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