Saturday, December 28, 2013

Last Minute Read-a-Thon: Love it or Hate it

Last Minute Read-a-Thon: Love it or Hate it

Dec. 28th- Love it or Hate it: Post up book covers that you love and hate explaining why.
I'm going to do what A Night's Dream of Books did, I'm not trying to copy her idea, but I loved it so much when I read her post.

What she did was compare two covers of the same book. 
Love it: I personally think this paints a perfect picture for the story. The sleeping figure of a girl on the wooden porch slats, with ivy streaming down from the ceiling. It sounds like a total cliche love story, but that was what I think fit the story, and in my mind it's visually beautiful. The girl could be sleeping, or crying, or even be dead, and all three of those would have fit the story. 

Hate it: A huge red heart in the middle of an ombre blue sky. How original *sarcastic expression and hand on hip*  I sort of understand the symbolism, how it is essentially a love story, then the sky because of the whole "The Sky is Everywhere" thing, but I think the designers could have been more original. I know that's just the certain cover, but I still think it could have been a lot better.

Love It: The sword with the eye is very symbolic and powerful for Graceling. There is also a set of eyes at the back of the book (not depicted) that seems creepy at first, but is a Gracelings identification in the Seven Kingdoms. The background is also pretty, and for the record, Graceling was first with the sword on the cover, not Defy by Sara B. Larson.

Hate It: The silhouette of girl with a sword, how original. The cover has nothing to do with being a Graceling, or the story itself besides the fact that it's a girl and she uses a sword.

Love It: The blue ombre cover, although plain and simple with nothing but a tree and a single red flower is very symbolic in my mind to the story. The lone flower that stayed, when the rest already fell down (Mia stayed when her family left). It sort of gave me the Mulan-ish vibe when her father shows her the smallest late bloom would have been the most beautiful.

Hate It: I'm actually sort of scared of this cover.
It's a picture.
Of a girl's face.
On the bottom of the page.
Looking up.
That's basically all I see, no symbolism or meaning to the story whatsoever unless you're including the fact that looking up could be conceived as Mia looking up into heaven at her family.

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