Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Top 10 Tuesday (1): Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013

Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2013 

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme and weekly event posted every week on (OMG) Tuesdays by The Broke and Bookish. I have read so many new books and discovered so many new authors so this list was hard to make.

I could not decide what order to put these in, so the numbers are just for the purpose of knowing there's ten, not the order of my favorites, because really, you already made me choose my favorite authors, now you're making me choose what order they go in?
  1. I think everyone knows by now that I am obsessed with the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu, and if u don't, feel free to check out 'Meeting Marvelous Marie Lu'. I read the entire trilogy in 2013 and have been hooked since the first page of Legend. Her unique voice and writing style is just the icing on the cake.
  2. Gayle Forman is a pretty new to me author in the last two months and I'm so glad I discovered her. Her plot lines are pretty standard romance, but the way she weaves them in with the characters and other elements in her writing make her books gripping until the very end.
  3. Ellen Hopkins is also another new author to me as of last summer, and I do not regret finding her at all. The fact that she writes huge 500+ page novels all in verse is breathtaking. The talent it takes to make such a variety of formatted poems is astonishing. The subjects her writing is about can be considered disturbing, but I think she writes about these hard topics such as drug use and sexual harassment is artful and portrays just enough truth without making it overly graphic.
  4. Another contemporary novelist. Most people know Matthew Quick as the author of 'Silver Linings Playbook', but few know about one of his newest novels 'Forgive Me Leonard Peacock'. It's the only book I've read by him, but it stayed with me for a long time after I finished it. If I've only read one book by him, and he's on my 'Top Ten Authors' list, you know he has to be good.
  5. Just today, I finished my fourth book by Neal Shusterman. Every single one of his books have been non-stop thrill rides that have left me breathless until the very last page. What he lacks in character development, he makes up in complex plot lines. The three series I have read have been completely individual and unusual, with concepts that make you take a step back to think.
  6. I feel like all of the authors are contemporary, but here's another for you; Laurie Halse Anderson. I've read 'Speak', 'Wintergirls', and 'Fever 1793' is in my bucket of books from the library this very moment. All of them have painted a permanent picture in my mind showing the horror of eating disorders, and the pain people go through. She is a very thought-provoking novelist that I think all teenagers should read.
  7. I know Lauren Oliver is famous for the 'Delirium' trilogy, but I am far more partial to her debut novel; Before I Fall. What's not executed in Delirium is raw humor, and thought provoking writing. Before I Fall has all of it and more.
  8. John Green has been around for a while, but I just discovered him and really like his voice.  Voice is obviously something I am really attracted to in books, and his name should be a synonym for unique in the thesaurus. He has such ironic humor that is weaved in so well, his jokes seeming so natural like they're just as extension of the story.
  9. I've read both books the amazing Jay Asher has published this year, and they were both amazing. He has an undeniable sense of humor, and a voice that you won't soon forget. My only complaint is that he hadn't written anything else. 
  10. Orson Scott Card has been around for 30 years, but he seems new to me. He executes the delicate art of weaving in a deep moral lesson with an intricate story without it seeming obviouos. The thoughts and questions that he brings up are astounding.

    What authors have you discovered this year? Have you read any of mine?

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